What is a Community?

A community is a group of individuals that share something common with each other. That could be something as small as a favorite T.V show or as large as religious and social beliefs.

A community is a crucial part of our lives. It is something that every creature craves to have – a sense of belonging.

Communities can be built for various reasons, whether it is to share your favorite character from a show/movie, sharing hobbies, or as basic as a survival tactic to exist and flourish.

Types of Communities

Communities can be broken down into two basic groups:

Communities for Practice

Formation of communities that are used for practical purposes. They can range from being;

Communities for Interest

These communities are formed due to people having similar interests and hobbies. They have a wide range and have never-ending possibilities. Some examples are:

Importance and Benefits of a Community

Humans are social animals. It is natural to have a desire to fit in. Communities do that and more. There are amazing benefits of a community, such as,

Sense of Belonging

People crave a community. Without a community, we can be extremely isolated. The drive for connection is essential for healthy mental health and healthy social life.

Exploring New Avenues

People have so much to offer. Socializing with others can help you gain knowledge, not like any other. It helps you discover new places, new hobbies and meet new people.

Security and Safety

A community helps to protect its members in need. Regard grows in the communities and people band together to assist those lacking and provide a security blanket that they need.

Achieving Goals

Different people have different resources. When combined, they can help to achieve a goal that has been set out.

Either it is connections, money, or materials or as simple as moral support when communities are together, they make it possible to achieve goals that couldn’t be achieved on their own.


When there is a mutual sense of adoration and likeness, there is great room for entertainment. It can be fun to be a part of a community that shares similar hobbies that you harness.

People that have free time on their hands can spend some time with their community to find a sense of joy and liveliness.

Volunteer Work

Communities can arrange volunteer work that can make it easy for every individual in the community to give back to the community that they are affiliated with.

This can be an easy and essentially fulfilling way to help and support people around you.


There is so much to learn from people. Each person has something to teach to the people around them and we have so much to learn.

Having a community can be an opportunity to learn new life skills and pass on yours to others.


People in need can reach out to their community if they are facing a dark time in their life. It can either be financial support, emotional support, or guidance in any sort of way.

It has been noted that people that live in communities tend to have more help readily available as there are a connection and trust in them.


Communities can swap their connections to aid anyone that is in need. This can either help someone get a job, find help, get an opportunity to meet someone new, hire people, and so on.

Communities can create connections that can extend far beyond our comprehension.

Trust and Confidence

Forming communities and being in touch with them allows to harbor trust I humans. This can be a great thing as trust in a thing that is developed the hardest. Creating and having trust can be very helpful in the community.

Can we live without a community?

The short answer is ‘no’, but let me explain. Communities are vital to human existence. As listed above, there is a vast range of advantages of having a community.

We need to accept the fact that individuals cannot survive without having a community to support them. Whether it is a small group of friends, family, or general people that live around the block, all of them play an important part in your life.


Communities unite and help us. They challenge us to be the best version of ourselves and help others around us.