Your Recruit Form Is Obsolete

Darryl Bachmeier
Apr 17, 2019

Innovative products or innovative ways of working are usually successful by creating obsolescence. That is, leaving old products or processes obsolete.

But this is not the case of recruitment. New recruiting techniques are introduced, as well as searching for candidates, interviewing them or working as a team, but never leaving behind. How can you be wasting so much time at this point?

And you will tell me that these changes are for young people or other more modern sectors, that as a recruiter you work very well the way you are doing it, that you have always worked like this, that it has worked for you and that now you do not have time to learn.

If we all had this mentality, I do not want to know where we would be. How can it be that in 2014, when you can do almost everything from the mobile, from opening the door of your house remotely, pay, or have any document or knowledge in a matter of seconds, still use paper?

How can we work with paper and at the same time as a team? Sometimes I throw my hands to my head when some recruiters tell me that all the interview notes are written on paper, then passed on in a word and sent to their colleagues. 10 years ago, you did the same. Do not you think there are better ways to work? And when I say better, I mean faster, cheaper, more efficient, and without headaches to know where the information is.

If you are reading this post, it is something that you have wanted to advance as a recruiter. What is it that scares you now? Do not you want to be as efficient and effective as you can be? Tell me if you feel identified with any of the following statements:

You work with excels at tracking each offer. Exchange feedback on candidates via email. You save in Windows folders the candidates by position or by discipline. Publish your job offers in social networks and job portals, making a cut and paste in each channel for each offer. You divide the positions and portals among several team members to review the applicants, screen and download the good ones. You receive applicants via email and check them one by one when you have a process or if they stay there.

If you have done yes with the head in reading some of them, worry, but only a little because I have the solution.

The solution

No, I’m not smarter, I’m not a recruiting guru, but I’m a lover of efficiency and not complicate my life. And I want you to be too. I want you to be efficient recruiting and that within a month, you reread this post and ask yourself how you could spend so much time recruiting like that.

When we say the word “software,” I do not want you to be scared. You can call it a program, a tool, it does not matter, how you feel more comfortable, but I do not want you to associate it with something complicated, because it is easier than any other program you use.

Do you remember the memory pencils a few years ago? We saw something very novel, we all used diskettes, and now we no longer use either one or the other. Well, this is the same change. I know you’re happy with how you recruit, but you’ll be more pleased when you use a recruiting program. And not of human resources but recruitment. You start by introducing the position to the program and that it will automatically publish it in all the portals, social networks, on your website, aggregators, universities, etc. Sounds good, does not it? And only with one click. You select the channels, publish and voilà, it will be published.

Too good to be true? Well, do not miss it. There is more. Nobody will have to connect to any portal or social network to see the candidates. The recruitment programs will collect them and automatically organize and tell you where they come from. And remember that you have only clicked and everything has happened while you were interviewing people from another position or screening candidates. You have not invested a minute in tasks in which you now invest hours. This should make you a little happier.

But this does not end here. All the candidates will be in a single database, for all your team, and you can all filter, search by keywords, by date, by position, from any place and complying with the LOPD. Why do you want folders on your computer if no one can use them to search, to know if the candidates had already applied to other processes or how were the interviews? Upload all these folders right now and redirect the employment email to the recruitment program, and do not leave one more candidate in oblivion.

And my favorite. The excels. Oh, the excels … Can you believe they are from 1985? Almost 34 years! And I do not have anything against them eh !, but I think that in 30 years, has given time to create new programs to manage candidates and job offers better. Let’s leave the excels for what they are, and if someone finds any place where they put that they are to manage candidates they call me, please. Recruitment programs let you know at any time the status and number of candidates in each offer and each phase of the process. And you do not need to update it, it does it alone, and you can consult at all times who these candidates are, and you can create all the reports that you can also imagine automatically, by dates, positions, sector, etc.

And you will say.

And now comes the good: I know you’re already convinced, you’ll say what’s the point, but you’ll stay the same, you’ll cheat by saying, tomorrow I’ll do it, I do not have time to learn it and all the excuses you want. But if they say that time is money, I’m offering to be rich. How much time will you save each day?

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