Why is a trusted accountant key to an SME?

Darryl Bachmeier
Apr 3, 2019

If you had to go to a specialist doctor, the most likely is that you take the time to find out about the career of the professional in question. Surely you would look for references from third parties or recommendations from friends who have been served with him previously and who can tell you, firsthand, if he is a person you can trust or not … right? Well, the same happens when it comes to contacting an accountant: the number specialist.

It is not an exaggeration to compare his work with that of doctors such as surgeons or cardiologists: he works under pressure and his movements must be exact. The accountant you trust the fruit of your efforts: your company and the income it reports. For the same reason, it is essential that you generate enough confidence to delegate a topic as complex as the management of your numbers. The choice is not minor since a reliable accountant can make your SME grow and consolidate.

But the importance of the meter, many times, is not properly sized. It is common for entrepreneurs to see them as “a necessary evil.” We know it and - obviously - we do not agree. They usually forget the importance of their functions, restricting them to “the basics” (again, we do not agree, but we know that this is the case). However, their contribution to the growth of an SME is invaluable, so it becomes vital to seek a professional, reliable, qualified and competent accountant to take charge of the company’s numbers. In short, your company could not work without an accountant that you believe in, because:

It is the one who keeps the accounting according to the tax and commercial norms that the legislation demands (and it goes that they are strict). It is in charge of declaring the taxes in a timely manner. It is he (or she) who prepares the periodic financial statements, required by the banks when financing a project. What is most relevant is that it provides useful, reliable and timely financial information so that -in the event of detecting any exception or problem- rigorous measures can be taken. Thanks to his work, a microentrepreneur will know how his business is going.

Do you realize the level of work and detail that this requires?

An ordinary person - even if he has some knowledge of the area - would not be able to take this workload to a good port, and could even make mistakes that would have a negative impact on the health of your company.

Therefore, an entrepreneur will always require a trusted accountant. In principle, this will be responsible for reviewing and processing the documentation that, commonly, consists of few transactions. However, as the business grows, its functions will also increase, as it will increase the transaction volume and the steps to be taken. Therefore, even when you start your business with sporadic accounting advice, the minute you need these services will come.

Therefore, the recommendation is to choose your accountant carefully, considering:

That has legal knowledge, in addition to experience and good references. That is able to cover all the edges, keeping an organized and updated accounting. That has the capacity to elaborate and explain the basic financial statements of each month, presenting them to the microentrepreneur in a pertinent way, with useful and finished information.

The role of an accounting expert is essential for small and medium enterprises. Their analysis and organization will depend, to a large extent, on the success that they have, so their choice should not be whimsical. In the same way that you choose your doctor with tweezers, leave the finances of your company in the hands of real specialists.

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