Why you should learn to delegate?

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 29, 2019

As a business owner, manager or supervisor delegation is a valuable skill to become good at. Proper delegation takes tasks off your plate and allows employees to develop and grow. It allows employees more responsibility and gives them new career opportunities.

Delegation is often hard for most to start at. It usually comes from trust issues. It is hard for us to give up control. We may fear that the task will not be completed on time or to our standard. You may have the feeling as if you can do a better job, you are irreplaceable. It is especially hard to give up a process or task that you built up from scratch and have always owned. Start small. Start by delegating small tasks to build that trust and you to start to give up control. Learn how to trust and not micromanage.

It is important to give good instructions. You cannot expect someone to read your mind. Ask questions to make sure the employee understands the task required of them. They might make mistakes initially because they are learning but be open and available if they have any questions. Be there ready to support and assist.

Not everything can be delegated easily. Look for things you do all the time that can be “automated” by an employee. Delegate anything you do not like or are not good at. Things you do not as you tend to resist and take longer to complete. Tasks that keep you from the things you should be doing. Delegate more similar tasks to the same employees. Look at all the tasks you do group similar tasks and give them to an employee. Look for the tasks that are easy to document and repeatable.

Delegation gives you more time to do other activities. Tasks you like to do. It allows you time to grow your business.

Let the employee do what you hired them to do. It shows you have confidence in your employees. It shows you are willing to grow them by giving them new skills. Even if they do it at 80% of the quality, you expect think of how much time and energy are you saving, perhaps in time they will do a better job than you. If an employee can do the same thing, you can than it is far more cost effective for you to give it up.

If the manager knows themselves and their employee’s abilities, it is easier to delegate. It is about knowing what you are good at. Knowing your employees allows you to match the task to the skills of the employee because they are good at it but also match to those who wish to learn the skill.

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