Why do others disappoint

Darryl Bachmeier
Jul 2, 2020

Unless you live your life like a monk, people have deceived you. This is one of the biggest challenges in relationships. Even the ones we love and care the most will not live up to our expectations consistently. We want them to know how we feel, or we want them to respond to a particular need or desire, or they may have other perceptions than we do.

Why do people always disappoint me?

Why do people always disappoint me? If I always give my all, why do others miss me? Most of the people ask themselves these questions because they look for answers with frustration and sadness. If you often feel like this, you may stop communicating with people for fear that it will happen again.

Here are some reasons why people always disappoint you Each person has their own values ​​and way of seeing the world and has love, respect, and friendship. Even something as basic and universal as general knowledge varies from person to person. Therefore, not everyone will agree with your standards 100%. No one in the world shares the right view of your life.

But, you demand respect, and you expect, at least some respect, honesty and trust. Unfortunately, sometimes, this does not happen. As a result, everyone is somewhat disappointed. This is how the world works. However, while many people deal with this well (and occasionally), others face it again and again.

Being overconfident - Hypocrisy is a normal state of the human mind

If you want your relationship to be a little bit better, do not blindly trust every person you meet. A part of the mind has values ​​and ideological conceptions. However, another area is designed exclusively to attract people. You want people to like you, match you, make friends, and win over the people you attract. To get what you want, you should not hesitate to tell white lies or be a little hypocritical.

As your relationship deepens, your true nature is revealed. Suddenly, you find that the person you thought you knew would not really share any of your values.

As a preventative measure, be prudent. Do not trust people until you know them for a while. Notice how they behave, especially with unimportant things.

High expectations

As William Shakespeare said, the expectation is the source of all mental anguish. Therefore, if you ask yourself why people are always disappointing you, you need to pay close attention to yourself. What kind of expectations do you have?

Adjusting your expectations can have a positive impact on your life. If you stop having others and do exactly what you want, you will be happy in the end.

The inclination towards painful relationships

Some people tend to seek friendship with romantic relationships or personalities. For example, men and women with high empathy (Classic Wendy Syndrome - the need to look after others and feel useful) often end up in relationships with narcissists.

This is something that happens a lot. Your personality type seeks the person who expresses the worst of you. Because you have low self-esteem, that person may see you or feel that your needs are not being met. People in that situation often do not realize what is happening until they suddenly realize the manipulation and deception.

You will never receive what you give

Mutual means getting exactly what you give. Well, to assume that this is an absolute fact would cause lots of suffering. Most of us expect to get exactly what we set out to do.

However, relationships are not business transactions. If you keep asking yourself why people are disappointing you, you should exchange with each other.

Above all, it allows you to receive and enjoy what others give. This is an entirely free process. People decide what they want to give and how they give.

For example- You may have a friend who does not respond to your messages as much as you would like. However, this friend is by your side in difficult situations.

Therefore, it is necessary to take a very sober approach. You should not try to measure everything you have in a relationship and what you get back. If you do this, you will continue to be disappointed.

How do you deal with people disappointing you?

We all have different expectations.

Most people are naturally nice by nature. They used to be in their own journey of life, and although disappointment can feel personal, it is often not. The other person’s expectations are yours.

Disappointments are not always bad.

What appears to be a challenge may be a blessing in disguise or a blessing in disguise. It may be a subject of time before you realize that your frustration is really the universe that works its magic for you.

It helps to shift your focus.

Decide to do things that make you happy. Focus on what is new and good, start expressing yourself, and let go of frustrating thoughts.

The time will pass.

No matter how deeply frustrated you are, over time, you will pass the feeling.

Get rid of people who constantly deceive you.

Remember the people who always deceive or humiliate you, and spend more time with those who don’t. Maintain a positive feeling about yourself through happy relationships with advanced and motivated people.

Bottom line

As human beings - spouses, parents, children, friends, co-workers, and the general public - we will never stop disappointing each other. If we do so in violation of basic human rights and morals, there will be appropriate consequences.

But since we all fail to live up to the expectations we each have, sometimes we think we can expect too much, and if so, it’s time to focus on what we need to do. It may seem like a loss of control, or our dreams may even become the beginning of a new realization that something even better is on the horizon.

It is important to accept that disappointments are a part of life. You should also lower your expectations and be a little more careful about who you trust. Do not forget that wisdom is always a good companion.

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