Reasons Why You Should Finish What You Start

Darryl Bachmeier
Aug 22, 2019

Picture this. The birds are chirping, announcing the birth of a new day. The sun has already shone its warm rays over your bedroom window. So, it’s time to drag your butt out of your cozy bed. You start making your bed.

Halfway through, you head over to the kitchen and place your coffee on the cooking stove so that it can be cooking as you finish making the bed. Instead of going back to the bedroom to finish making the bed, you start mopping the living area.

A few minutes into it, you hear a familiar sound. Your baby is awake and is yelling for your attention.

You drop the mop and get the baby. When you come from the baby’s room, you notice a cloud of smoke in the kitchen. Your coffee boiled until it evaporated, and the kettle is almost catching fire.

You feel frustrated. You are hungry as a wolf. You haven’t even finished making your bed. You almost put the kitchen on fire, the living area is flooded with water, and you have a hungry child in your arms, yelling at the top of her lungs. Where will you start? You need to finish what you start.

Examples of Things You haven’t Finished.

How do you finish what you start? Think about the novel you bought years ago and hoped to complete reading it in a few weeks.

You only read a few chapters and placed it on your lampstand. It has been gathering dust since then. Remember you had enrolled to attend the gym three days a week for a couple of months. You only attended twice, and the membership expired.

Consider the yoga lessons you started and stopped. Think about the blog you enthusiastically started. You hoped to post frequently, but you haven’t updated it for months!

We have all been there. We have started something but run out of steam somewhere in the middle, causing the project to stall. But why do people fail to finish what they start?

Let’s see.

Why You Fail to Finish What You Start

Many people do not finish what they start due to;

  • Distraction
  • The tasks become more challenging than expected.
  • Loss of interest
  • Laziness

Beginning a new venture is like falling in love. When you are over-head heels in love, you don’t think about the problems you might run into when you are with that person. All you see is a happily ever after ending.

However, a few months or years into the relationship, you start noticing unpleasant things about your prince charming.

You realize he has a crazy temper that you wonder if you can handle. Other irritating habits begin to rear their ugly heads, and you are torn between stomaching them or quitting the relationship.

Starting a new project can be so exciting that you forget about the pitfalls and the challenges you may encounter in the journey.

Then as time passes by, the relationship ( book or activity) becomes more challenging than you expected. You discover that waking up at 5 am to attend the gym is no easy feat. You realize that sticking to a particular diet is easier said than done.

You understand that updating your blog regularly is not for the faint of heart. So, you drag along and begin procrastinating.

The enthusiasm and energy you had when you started to die down until there’s nothing left. It could be that you are procrastinating things hoping to perfect them, or maybe you got distracted or became lazy.

Unfortunately, When something you had committed to becomes more challenging than you had expected, you feel like quitting. However, you should persevere and finish what you start.

The value of completing what you start outweighs short struggles and fears. Here is why.

Benefits of Finishing What You Have Started

Completing Creates A Great Sense of Accomplishment

At times it may appear like you are spending a lot of time in your local gym. Though you may not always get the results you hope for, you receive a great sense of accomplishment from keeping the effort, finishing classes, and pushing yourself to complete particular workouts.

Although progressing with an endeavor might seem baseless and pointless, you’ll benefit from moving forward and completing the goal. The advantages of completing may not always be evident immediately, but its value will be laid out in the open for every Tom and Dick to see in the fullness of time.

You’ll soon encounter a friend who will regret quitting going to the gym after seeing how great you look.

Aluta continua. Your struggle is worth every effort.

Accomplishing A Project Prepares You For the Next Big Project

My friend took private cello lessons—both in middle and High school. Several times, she wanted to throw in the towel and call it quits as she realized that the music was a bit challenging, plus practice the lessons themselves consumed more of her time than she was willing to give.

Sometimes she just wanted to be with other teenagers who weren’t participating in giggling and laughing about silly jokes.

Afterward, she successfully auditioned for a college music scholarship and won as she had already studied it in high and middle school. She pursued a degree in music and now runs a very successful music-related business.

Usually, when you push through to finish something that is challenging you, you gain skills, knowledge, and the tools needed for the next difficult things you’ll encounter. And most of the time, that difficult thing is in a whole different facet of your life.

Additionally, you also understand what triggers you to want to give up, and that understanding helps you push past future hurdles. Every successful completion trains and equips you for the next big challenge.

Giving Up too soon Might Lead to A Lifetime Regret

Often, the decision to quit on something is dependent on the current emotion. Fear of failure or feeling inadequate plays a crucial role in giving up. Another significant factor in the decision is to give up on something new is comfort. Challenges are always uncomfortable.

Challenge help to push you out of your comfort zone. It’s easy to remain in a comfortable place rather than scouring the web or books for days on end in search of skills or information required to complete a challenging assignment or project.

Although quitting gives you instant pressure relief, you may regret it many years down the line. Starting something new is not a walk in the park. You feel lost and confused. You are anxious and terrified at times. Sometimes you are so excited that you can’t reason coherently.

So, you make mistakes you could have avoided had you taken enough time to research and think through the new venture.

Wrapping Up

If you don’t give up, you’ll be okay. Always finish what you start. Do one project at a time. Don’t be a jerk of all trades because it is a master of none. Keep moving forward one step at a time. have a mentor to hold you accountable. Give every project a fighting chance; don’t abandon projects in their infancy. You’ll never know how successful a project can be if you don’t pursue it to completion.

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