Why You Must Stop Sarcasm

Darryl Bachmeier
Nov 14, 2020

Sarcasm is when we use irony to mock a person or anything else. As you can see, this isn’t something we need to use. It can hurt others and there are no benefits. An interesting fact is that being sarcastic will require you more sophisticated thinking skills when telling the obvious. So, why you are sarcastic, and can you eliminate this issue?

Here’s why you are sarcastic sometimes or all the time

You may believe that there are countless or extremely complicated reasons why you are sarcastic. In reality, there are only 3 reasons and for some of you, these are obvious. Don’t forget that you may have all three reasons or just one. But, in order to stop being sarcastic, you need to know why you have been doing this all along.

You are insecure

The first and the most common reason why you or anyone else uses sarcasm is insecurity. If a person is insecure, he or she will avoid direct answers and confrontation with another person. A person is afraid of getting the real answer and tries to make the situation easier by using sarcasm.

You have passive anger

When you have anger, you will direct it towards another person. When you have passive anger, you will use sarcasm. Generally speaking, this happens when you are loaded with anger, but at the same time afraid to come forward and tell what you think.

You want to be funny

This is a type of insecurity we have covered above, but a bit special. In a nutshell, we can see this reason among loners at parties who will use sarcasm in order to be funny and make that party ‘’better’’. In reality, this comes from social awkwardness and being unable to read people around you.

Guide for how you can stop being sarcastic once it for all

To stop sarcasm, you will need a guide. Tips are less-effective in this case scenario. A guide will reveal steps you need to follow and to slowly eliminate sarcasm once it for all. This isn’t something that can happen within 24 hours, so take your time and start slow. Do not skip the steps mentioned below.

Make up your mind

If you are not 100% certain that you need to eliminate sarcasm, you will fail. That’s why to take your time and decide is this the right path for you. If you have any troubles or you are not ready, take your time and start next week. Start when you are completely certain that this must end.

Analyze your sarcasm

Yes, you know that you are sarcastic most of the time, but how much sarcasm you have been using? This is usually an unknown question for most who are reading this at the moment. The solution is to talk to a friend or even record yourself and get the answer. Knowing the truth will make the process faster and easier.

Start planning your next word

The next step is to think about what you are going to say and how you are going to do that. Do this while shopping, while with your family and friends. A useful trick here is to wear a rubber band. Snap it when you are sarcastic. It can program your mind to be more careful with the words. An alternative is to write down the sarcastic sentences you said and when you did it.

Test yourself

There are two ways you can test your progress. The first one is obvious. Sit back and think about your conversations and are they better now. You can ask family and friends for their feedback. You can also place yourself in the company of another, sarcastic person. The goal is simple yet difficult. When he or she is being sarcastic, you need to be sincere. For most, this is the ultimate test and the one that can help you reach new levels in no time.

Help others by giving a piece of advice

The last step here is to help other people being sarcastic. Only 10% of all sarcastic people enjoy this. Others do it for one of the 3 reasons we have covered at the beginning. Tell that person that you were sarcastic as well and you hurt a lot of people. Sarcasm can cause pain and a lack of happiness in you and the people around you. You will see that a sarcastic person will ask you about how you did it. Recommend him this guide.

The final word

To stop sarcasm you need a strong mind and this guide. Be specific when you want to stop and use all the steps mentioned above. For some, this issue will be solved within one month, while for others, within 1 year. Stay persistent and do not stop trying. It is possible and it is something that can make your life and life of people around you better.

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