Why You Are Bored

Darryl Bachmeier
Jun 10, 2020

Why you are bored. A young girl sits at a table bored to tears. Studio portrait.

Are you bored?

Have you been sitting at a corner all day, staring at the ceiling, wishing there is more colors and vibes you could add to your life having explored all available options and adventure? Alternatively, you are trapped or withdrawn; wondering if that is also one of the inevitable conditions in life, which just happen to be happening to you now? Whatever your situation is, one thing is clear and certain; it is the fact that you are bored!

Isn’t it surprising that some people still get bored despite the cheese and geese the world has to offer; the music, arts, fashion and never-ending entertainment? Isn’t it incredible that the presence of the social media and the blessing of friends and loved ones do not suffice in preventing one from falling into a state of boredom? The reality remains unaltered as people still find themselves at that spot, fixated to no exact thought, only disinterested in all things despite everything. What then could be the cause of this?

Boredom: not bad in its entirety

Before delving into the causatives, it is important to point out that boredom is an enemy of happiness, a social killjoy. If made habitual, it could lead you to an unfavorable end. You could become paranoid, that is, untrusting relationships, consequently, disconnecting socially; or you could even fall into depression. Nevertheless, boredom is not entirely a bad thing. Sometimes, it produces a spark in you to pursue an endeavor. For instance, suddenly when in that mood ruminating, an idea pops up in your mind; then and right there, you start composing a song or begin to write an article; you find your flow and it all turns out great. The point here is apt; and that is, you can determine what to make out of your boredom state. You are the potter, being bored is the clay!

Quickly, let me also point out that at certain moments in life, one could withdraw. These are crucial periods when you are compelled by the pressure of life to self-introspect in order to re-strategize and see how you can forge ahead. At this point, you may not be bored; it is only a moment of realization and self-rediscovery. However, getting bored, sometimes, could lead you to this end too.

Reasons why you are bored

Now, let us open up some reasons why you slip into boredom. You never can tell; you could be the one putting yourself in this situation.

Doing the same thing in the same way over and over

Having similar routine on daily basis can make you bored. The explanation for this is not far-fetched – You do not expect to approach a task or an activity every now and then from the same angle and not get bored. It gets monotonous. Step up! Be creative in your approach to life and boredom will cease. Instead of sticking to tea every morning, try coffee sometimes.

Feeling paranoid about people and relationships

Actually, you are not an island; you need people in your life to add color and vibe to your existence. The essence of building relationships is to have shoulders to lean on when the storms of life come knocking at your door. Having companions who you get to share intimate moments with, goes a long way in instilling vibes and strength in you to get up and move on. You should not close up on every relationship when one fails you, after all, there are bad people and there are good people too. When bored, reach out to friends, discuss issues, hang out and find strength.

Your emotional state

How you feel determines your predisposition to life most times. At times when you are in a good state of mind and happy, you tend to be everywhere; you want to explore, you want to sing or play and embrace life’s ebullience. However, when the world comes crashing down on you, of course, at that moment, everything comes to a standstill. It all becomes tiring, insipid and boring. You become disinterested and nothing stimulates you to act. When this happens, gather enough courage to pick yourself up. There are also times when you just do not want to do anything. That feeling is real too. Watch how you feel!

Despising solitude

Most people have gotten so accustomed to spending time with pals or getting busy with work, moving from north to south. They hardly have time to relax and rest. Eventually, when they are compelled by situation to sit at home to observe rest, they tend to get bored. You must learn to enjoy your solitude. Pick up a book, listen to soul inspiring music, practice Yoga; these and many more are activities you can engage in when you find yourself alone.

Reluctance to step out of your comfort zone

Sometimes, you feel reluctant to step out of your door. There is just the unexplainable laziness that overwhelms you and prevents you from picking up your shirt and stepping out of the house. Rather, it glues you to a spot brooding over your boredom state. You have to find the energy to step out of your comfort zone sometimes. It is good for your mental well-being.

Let us draw the curtain with this; there is a difference between getting bored and falling entirely into a boredom state. You could get bored sometimes, its normal; and when you do, it is a signal that there is more you have to offer. Instead of feeling bad about it, leverage on it. Never get bored most times; it is dangerous!

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