What To Do When You Feel Stuck About Your Lack Of Progress?

Darryl Bachmeier
Jun 18, 2019

There are phases in life when you feel absolutely stuck in the middle of the road. It seems like your feet are stuck in the mud, and you cannot take another step forward. The times when you are not seeing the face of success or everything seems like a standstill can make you feel the same.

It can be anything such as failure to achieve your dream career, make progress in work, or earn a better salary. Sometimes, the lack of progress can be personal, too, such as lack of progress in your love life.

So what should you do if you feel you are uselessly pushing the rock like a mythical Sysiphus?

Is It Okay To Feel Depressed?

Lack of progress at any point in life can be depressing. The feeling that you are not proceeding anywhere can make you feel morose and frustrated.

Perhaps you have been trying to find the man of your dreams for a long time without any positive result. You may have been appearing for a hundred interviews without anything working out. In such situations, it is completely normal to become depressed.

After all, nobody likes to walk endlessly in the same direction without any achievement. A long journey can be tiring, and it is normal to feel upset. Moreover, it is not desirable for anybody to live life in the same way each day.

Remind Yourself Nothing Is Stuck

Even though you feel everything is at a standstill, life is still moving. The pace may be slow at times, while it may rush at other times. The slow pace can be tedious and frustrating, but the wheels are still moving.

Everything comes at its own pace

There is a waiting period before every achievement. Nothing comes when it is not meant to. The wait varies from person to person in life. For some people, it may take five interviews to land up with the dream job. For you, it may take ten, but you will definitely see things improving with time. The waiting period is long but not endless. It is just perseverance that will take you to the end.

Every struggle gives you a forward push

We do not mean to harp on the proverb that failures are the pillars to success. Nobody likes to listen to proverbs when they are depressed. But, the truth remains that every struggle pushes you forward. The progress may not be visible, but each battle and failure improves you. Even a long wait that seems to have no incline in the graph teaches you a lot. Each failed interview breaks your inhibitions, makes you overcome your shortcomings, and prepares you from within. Your mundane job with no increment or promotion gives you the push to aim for a better job profile.

Tips To Overcome Depression Out Of Lack Of Progress

You are discouraged by your present life, which seems to have no way out. If you wish to know how to overcome this feeling due to the lack of progress, consider our tips:

Set Achievable Goals

Do not set unachievable goals for yourself because the failure to achieve them will haunt you. Set achievable goals and limit their number at a time to make small achievements. Take baby steps and celebrate your small successes to climb up towards bigger goals.

Get To Action

The only way to curb the depressive state and get things turning is to get to the action. Act on the problem with as many strategies as you can devise to achieve your goal. Keep moving with a practical attitude till you see things change.

Change Your Course Of Action

It is not enough to just get to the action. If the course seems not enough to achieve what you want, change it. Try a plan B or C if plan A is not working. Change your job to achieve something new and better if you feel stuck.

Take A Break

Finally, our last suggestion would be to give everything a break for a few days. If everything seems too dull and mundane, and the lack of progress frustrates you, take a break. Forget everything and relax. Enjoy good company, movies, shopping, or pamper yourself with good food. You can also leave for a vacation to refresh your mind and see things in a clearer light.


Life is not a race where you have to reach the finishing line every day. Everything comes at its own time, and even though you feel temporarily stuck, you will see the wheels turning soon. Keep faith in your efforts, take a break, and change your way of thinking. It is okay to feel depressed about your lack of progress. But, your change in outlook will make you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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