What are the keys to business leadership?

Darryl Bachmeier
Apr 6, 2019

“The direction is to organize and send. The leadership is to nurture and improve,” wrote Tom Peters, a specialist in business management practices. Good leaders inspire their team and encourage them to give their best at work, so their influence ends up having a direct impact on productivity. A study in which 50,000 managers were analyzed showed that a negative leadership style generates losses for the company, but the extraordinary leaders are able to double the profits.

The seven characteristics of a positive business leadership style

  1. Ability to recruit and retain talent

When the leadership of a company is negative, 80% of workers want to leave their job, but that figure drops to 4% when good corporate leadership is put into practice. Good leaders know that without a good team you can not go very far, so they strive to recruit talent for your company and ensure that these people feel motivated and satisfied with their work, leaving them enough freedom to that can innovate.

  1. Ability to involve people in their vision

A leader not only distributes the tasks and makes sure that the workers perform them efficiently but also is able to engage them in their vision of the company, which promotes a high sense of belonging to the organization. Good leaders are aware that the more people who join that dream, the more they will strive to reach the joint goal, so they are experts transmitting passion and enthusiasm for the work.

  1. Clear and fluid communication

“The leadership is a way of thinking, acting and, more importantly, a way of communicating,” said the writer Simon Sinek. Positive business leadership is characterized by human, interactive and horizontal management, in a way that breaks with the barriers imposed by authoritarianism and hierarchy. This type of leader is close, and dialogue has a more open, multichannel and horizontal style of communication that makes information flow quickly and without barriers.

  1. Result Oriented

The leadership of a company must be oriented towards results. A good leader is not only one who understands what the goals of the organization are but also is able to communicate them clearly and direct their team to achieve them. That leader will not promote a ruthlessly competitive environment but will strive to create a cooperative environment where everyone works with an eye toward the same goal.

  1. Resolution capacity

In a changing market, the company that does not upgrade will end up becoming obsolete and will not be competitive. In these circumstances, a good style of business leadership is vital to find new alternatives and make decisions. A good leader must have negotiation and conflict resolution skills, as well as be able to take the necessary risks in different contexts. Making the right decision at the right time can represent great savings or even generate big profits for the company.

  1. Strategic planning

One of the main strengths of a good leader is their ability to look to the future and anticipate with certain precision where the sector and the market are heading. If the leadership of a company is in the hands of a person who has the ability to anticipate trends, you can stand one step ahead of your competitors. A visionary leader constantly wonders what will happen in six months, a year or five years, and based on that, prepares strategic planning that helps him make better decisions and intelligently invest the resources of the organization.

  1. Positive attitude

Good business leadership transmits positivity. When the leader assumes a positive attitude, he spreads the rest of the team, so that everyone will feel more optimistic and willing to work. These leaders do not see problems as obstacles but as opportunities to innovate. In 2012, for example, Pepsi turned its main threat, being the second option behind Coca Cola, into an original advertising video in which it conveyed a very clear message: take a chance, less conventional options can open the doors to unsuspected positive experiences.

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