What is a business analyst?

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 24, 2019

A business analyst works in many industries and thrives in a changing business environment. A business analyst improves business processes, plans elicitation activities, manages requirements, negotiates with stakeholders and compares and confirms solutions.

A business analyst acts a as a liaison between stakeholders. They need to understand business operations and how organizations function. A business analyst uses investigate skills to determine the problem. Analyzing different types of information. Given the problem to solve, the business analyst identifies the best course of action for the business to take. Identify the best solution that delivers the most value to the organization. They recommend solutions to allow the organization to achieve business goals.

Involves identifying the correct stakeholders. Interact with many different business customers including end users, management and executives. Business analyst requires good communication skills, as they need to be able to question stakeholders and end user to ensure that they capture all the requirements clearly and concisely. It requires developing relationships with stakeholders. Work with project managers, stakeholders, subject matter experts and end users.

The key goal of the business analyst is to elicit the requirements from stakeholders and communicate these requirements clearly to both stakeholders and development teams. A business analyst develops documentation and UML diagrams to help communicate the stakeholder’s requirements. Document existing process, as-is, and document the future design, to-be. Use different techniques and strategies to understand the business problem and design the solution. Act as a facilitator in workshops. Conduct interviews with probing questions and requires excellent listening skills.

Essentially the business analyst is a bridge between the business world and the information technology world. This requires the business analyst to have skills in both areas. Some business analysts come from a business background while others have an IT background.

Once a solution is built, the business analyst validates the solution that in fact they meet the business needs. Validate and verify the solution meets the needs of the stakeholders.

Job titles for a business analyst may defer. Some are business analyst, business systems analyst and requirements engineer. The role of the business analyst may differ depending on the industry and company.

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