What is a Legacy, and how do you Leave one Worthy of Remembering?

Darryl Bachmeier
Jul 10, 2020

It has become a norm amongst people that you can only leave a legacy and not live it, which is so wrong by the way. Legends are not always dead people, we can live a legendary lifestyle only if we work towards it. Leaving a legacy is all about impacting people’s lives; improving them, and making them have a reason to live again. Leaving a legacy is about contributing your quota to the world, leaving it better than you met it. And if you look around you today, many people are living the life of legacy, people who have contributed immensely to the improvement of the world, and will probably leave the world legends.

Look around you, we have them in virtually every country, Mr. Bill Gates, Jack Ma, the late Steve Jobs, e.t.c. This set of people have in one way or the other contributed to the development of the world. We have once awhile seen organizations like the WHO, United Nations, EU, e.t.c engage in some audacious project without really having anything to gain in return. We have seen and witnessed in our time how organizations like the UN work assiduously in fighting problems like global warming, and other ecological problems. That is what it looks like to live and leave the life of legacy.

How you can Live the life of legacy

Like we emphasized initially, you don’t need to die before you are labeled a legend or said to lived the life of a legend. Again, you don’t also need to be a millionaire before writing your name in the book of legends. All you need do is to contribute your quota to your environment; if you are a farmer, impact your environment in a way that your products are always very affordable for common masses, or healthy for consumption. If you are a manufacturer, find a way to make your products affordable for people of all classes while maintaining the best quality. The same goes for virtually every profession: doctors, lawyers, musicians, bloggers, engineers, soldiers, e.t.c. You always have an opportunity to live a life of legacy, all you need do is to impact your community.

The more impact you make on people around you, the more legacy you leave. To achieve this, when you wake up every morning, make a decision within yourself on how you wish to positively impact people around you. You might choose to do it in form of philanthropy, or just add additional flavor to whatever service you provide. And remember, whatever way you choose to do this, make sure it is positively changing the life of an average beneficiary. Also note, that living a life of legacy is not a one-time thing, it is like a work-out, you continue building it until it becomes legendary – in building a life of legacy, consistency is important.

But mind you, living the life of legacy may costs you as an individual, if your environment is made up of people who easily get jealous of people’s generosity, then you might have to battle with some accusations and counter-accusations of personal interest. You might as well end up discomforting yourself, unconvincing your business all in a bid to satisfy others. This is to say therefore that living a life legacy must be based on absolute magnanimity.

How can one Live the Life of Legacy without Money

Like we have earlier stated in this article, you need not be a millionaire before you can live and leave legacy. We have names Martin Luther (Jnr), Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X, e.t.c. who didn’t have all the money in the millions, yet made quite an impact on their world and community. All you need do is to choose the right course, then devote all your time and honesty to it, that’s the only time you can be able to leave a visible impact on your environment.

Some people sometimes mistake the term “impacting your community” with visible attributes, you can as well choose to be like the aforementioned names who took up the responsibility to change a specific misdeed leveled on some group of people. You can as well choose to repair community equipment without charges, that is if you are an engineer, it is still a powerful way to go.

Finally, before you proceed towards building a legacy for yourself, make sure you keep your house in order. Make sure that your children, wife, or siblings are in good shape, thus, don’t pursue the life of legacy to the detriment of your immediate family. Again, don’t neglect yourself while on the mission of building a legacy, be happy, be motivated, be healthy, because only then can you be in a better position to help others succeed. As they say, charity begins at home. Good luck.

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