What is Mind-Body Connection and Why it is Important?

Darryl Bachmeier
Dec 4, 2020

The science behind mind-body connections is broad to cover all interrelationships between our cognitive (thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors) and bodily functions. Our host of emotions are said to be the consequence of the rise and fall of hormone levels. On the other hand, if we are in a stressful situation, it triggers our bodies to respond to specific actions like startling, palpitating, or running for safety.

When the balance falls off as the result of too much stimulus on one end of these mind-body connections, we develop certain diseases. These could manifest either mentally, emotionally, or physically in us.

As scientists begin to make more discoveries, the more they are convinced that the key to healing is already in us all along - balancing our mind-body connections.

Getting yourself in tune with your mind and body unlocks many wonderful benefits for your holistic development. When you understand how one affects the other, you can now take the necessary steps that lead to a quality, well-lived life.

Symptoms of Disrupted Mind-Body Connections

We encounter many life-changing situations that shape our way of thinking or outlook in life. Meanwhile, our environment and lifestyle affect our bodies’ development over the years. In short, many factors cause our body and mind to respond that can either be beneficial or destructive for us.

Aside from stimulus from daily activities, we also encounter inevitable situations like aging, pregnancy, puberty, marriage, or other major events that can trigger a range of emotions and alter our mind-body connections.

However, traumatic experiences like the death of a loved one, major accidents, malignant illnesses, or amputation of body parts cause excessive amounts of stress that manifest its effects in both our minds and bodies. Here are some of the most common physical symptoms from stress:

  • Tightened chest
  • Loss of focus
  • Palpitations
  • Tensed muscles
  • Nausea and dizziness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of interest in favorite activities
  • Digestive problems
  • Weak immune system

Chronic symptoms can cause a more negative impact on our lives. Eventually, it leads to more destructive illnesses like depression and more serious physical diseases.

Even children are not spared from the effect of disrupted mind-body connections.

Children undergo bursts of development within short intervals that are critical for their mind and body growth. Without guidance from a healthy adult, children may become stressed because they haven’t developed coping mechanisms yet like we do. It may lead to something more serious that can endanger all aspects of their health, including their behavior, attitude, and outlook in life.

Thus, it is important to make efforts in maintaining healthy and balanced mind-body connections. It’s no use if we isolate ourselves during major events, especially the negative ones. We have to get the right support in these critical times in our lives.

Get Started in Regaining Mind-Body Balance

Change starts in you.

You have to make a conscious decision to support your health and make it your priority. With this, you acknowledge its importance in your overall wellness that will help you maximize your potential, talents, and strengths and lead a quality life.

Regaining your mind-body balance is not just all about making big changes; you have to take baby steps and gradually increase your means to make it more consistent on your end.

Healthy diet

Results of many studies prove the connection between eating a healthy diet and the state of our minds.

For example, having a party lifestyle is known to cause obesity, which aside from other physical complications, can also lead to low self-esteem and depression.

Meanwhile, shifting to a healthier diet that includes the right amounts of food in the food pyramid brings wondrous benefits both physically and mentally.


Exercise causes our bodies to become stronger and more resilient to do repeated work. It also tones our muscles and gives us a more defined physique. This, in turn, boosts our self-esteem and confidence, which help us have more positive outtake in life. It also allows us to develop focus and dedication to meet our goals.

Running and walking also help us clear our minds and take us away from excessive use of gadgets and other activities that are wasteful of our time.


Adopting hobbies that make us both occupied and have a sense of achievement is beneficial for our mind-body health, too. Engaging in a hobby keeps us from wallowing in negative thoughts, which turns our downtime into a more productive period. Getting yourself to do something you love, even for a short amount of time in your day, helps sustain your mental health.

Goal setting

Organizing our thoughts, ideas, and goals can also help our minds cope better with the stressors of every day. This activity aligns our mind and body to work harmoniously in achieving the goals we’ve set for ourselves.


Relationships are vital in keeping our mind-body connections in their healthy state. It helps that we have people around us who will support, guide, or even mentor us in our life.

Our friends or family can make great listeners and encouragers during our down moments. In the same way, they make great cheerleaders and supporters in our proudest ones. Having people around makes things more bearable for us in the long run, whether good or bad moments.

Need More Help?

If none of these ways help you regain the balance in your mind-body connections, it is time to get professional help.

There are many science-based approaches you can explore. Holistic medicine, for example, believes that the body should be treated as a whole; any kind of physical sickness has an underlying emotional or mental issue that’s also going off-balance.

Yoga is also one of the popular options for people seeking more options in alleviating their symptoms. Setting your mind into a calm state encourages more positive energy to flow through. Through repetitive meditation exercises, you improve your breathing and ability to focus, as well as strengthen your core muscles. These improvements in your physical and mental state mend your behavior and outlook in life.

Stressors shouldn’t stop you from leading a quality life. Staying resilient all through the ups and downs and life starts with a conscious decision. Choose a company of true friends and the love of family. If you feel like you’ve already lost hope, there is still a lot of help available. You can reach out to NGOs advocating mental health. There are also alternative healing approaches you can explore.

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