What is Intrinsic Motivation?

Darryl Bachmeier
Jul 10, 2019

Intrinsic motivation offers numerous benefits over extrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation occurs immediately, and it is based on instant rewards and external factors. Most people prefer this type of reward, but it is not the best option.

Some people describe extrinsic motivation as a bribe for services or efforts. Some common examples include offering trips to students, offering extra TV time to your kids, and giving your employees money.

If you offer immediate rewards, you may not get the quality you expected. Professionals have significant interests in long-term benefits rather than immediate-short time rewards. Recent research indicates students who received extrinsic motivation performed poorly in exams.

If you promise to reward top students with some cash, they will tend to cram what you teach and pass the test. After some time, they will no longer understand what you taught them because they just focused on the reward.

On the other hand, intrinsic motivation can help to develop a real interest in the project or the subject. Luring people into a particular project with long-term benefits can boost the desire of exploring, understanding, and mastering it.

It will enable them to focus on the general benefits of exploring the project and not just the material rewards. Besides, it will enable them to attain intellectual and emotional satisfaction about the project and its success.

Since it offers long-term benefits, it also enables people to enjoy lasting effects on the project. Nevertheless, you need enough time to develop this type of motivation. Thus, it can face considerable challenges in a case where people expect immediate results.

In suchlike situations, extrinsic motivation can be the better option. All in all, intrinsic motivation can help to encourage creativity and exploration since it offers long-term benefits. Here are some of the benefits of offering intrinsic motivation.

Team Success

Motivation is evident in any situation where the team works together with a common objective to achieve future success. It can boost how attentive and creative the team becomes when working out something that can affect the future.

Each team member can perform better on their tasks to ensure that they enable them to succeed. Most times, it is the intrinsic motivation that enables them to work better and achieve better results.

Strategic Planning

Intrinsic motivation will determine efficiency in planning since it unfolds the available strategies to perform small tasks. People who focus on the small factors that could lead to success get better results than those who focus on one significant extrinsic reward.

For instance, athletes who focus on their diet, health, and fitness can achieve better results over time if you compare them with those who focus on the trophy. The small factors can determine a lot and mean so much to your future.

Boosts Practice

Intrinsic motivation can help you to improve your skills and work harder to get better results. It will enable you to practice well through both external resources and internal training strategies for better results.

Consistent practice and focus on the future can result in better performance than one time and immediate rewards. The immediate rewards will make you feel happy over a short period and make you forget the importance of practicing.

Building Relationships

People who focus on immediate rewards are most likely to land in conflicts with their colleagues and clients. Such people have a significant drive for greed and quick wealth. Well, developing a good relationship is crucial for the success of your project in the future.

Intrinsic motivation will allow you to evaluate and solve your fears, passions, weaknesses, strengths, and efforts. Learning how to relate well with other people will enable you to create a stable network for your success.

Experience and Quality

Focusing on intrinsic motivation will enable you to learn new ideas. It will allow you to pursue your projects with top-notch resilience and dedication. As a result, you can achieve better results in terms of quality, and also gain experience.

Quality and experience are vital for you to win more projects in the future. It will allow you to learn to solve challenges and strategize to get the best results. Testimony from happy clients or your network is an advantage to your future success.


Intrinsic motivation is what gears the success of most high-performing teams. Those people who can understand the difference between external and internal motivators can get better results.

Above all, it is easier to convince professionals by offering them long-term motivation than short time rewards. It does not matter how valuable the immediate rewards stakes.

Focusing on developing your skills and widening your opportunities is crucial for your success. Everything you do should attempt to promote your future for better results.

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