What is Anxiety?

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 19, 2020

Anxiety is a household word these days. Every other person experiences this feeling. Its not specific to a single country, but is felt globally. Anxiety is a feeling of fear. Anyone who fears about the future, or future consequences, experiences anxiety. Anxiety can range from small nervousness to a serious issue. Nervousness before a presentation, interview, or public speech are some examples of minor anxiety. Whereas, if this continues for a long period, it is a major one.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a mental problem or disorder in which a person fears something. In most cases, it is the fear of the future. People are not able to concentrate on their work properly, which causes this type of disorder. In anxiety, a person undergoes mental stress and may experience panic attacks. There is a feeling of being uncomfortable and restlessness. People are not able to concentrate on their tasks and are not able to move ahead of their problems. They keep on stressing about their problems. Anxiety increases tensions and worries in a person’s life.

Any person showing symptoms of stress, worries, tensions, restlessness or uncomfortability, experiences anxiety. This largely affects the mental ability of a person to work properly. It may affect a person’s physical health as well. However, it is treatable. Any kind of proper counseling and medication by a professional doctor or psychologist can help in improving the condition.

Why is Anxiety so common?

The problem of Anxiety is very common nowadays because people develop stress easily. Various studies say that anxiety is not increasing though, but nowadays, people are more open about it. People are sharing their experience with their family and friends, and are actively seeking medical attention and treatment.

Due to the increase in workload and peer pressure, there are more chances of people falling into an anxiety disorder. Anxiety might also occur due to the inability to earn a livelihood properly, or fear of public speaking, etc. In addition, the use of mobile phones, laptops, PCs, and other technological gadgets is increasing day-by-day, which may largely affect a person’s health and may cause anxiety. Excessive use of electronic gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, etc. results in anxiety.

How can Anxiety affect your body?

Anxiety is very common. Most of the people experiences it at least once in their life, but anxiety that stays for a long time can affect your body. At first, it decreases your concentrating power. It becomes challenging to concentrate and focus on a particular task, and you end up increasing stress.

This also causes frequent headaches. You get headaches and body aches very easily, when you are going through anxiety. It may affect you so much that you start getting panic attacks. Panic attacks further create many problems like light-headedness and chest pain. The more anxiety you experience, the more are the chances of falling into depression.

Also, people with anxiety experience more mood swings and get irritated quickly. It also increases your blood pressure and fatigue. You feel tired all day long. In addition, upset stomach and muscle pain can be some results of anxiety.

How can Anxiety affect your work?

The feeling of Anxiety decreases your concentration. There are more chances of losing focus on your work. There are also chances that a person with anxiety disorder affects his/ her peers and co-workers. This is because a person with anxiety is more prone to irritation, which results in social- isolation and anger. People who have anxiety are unable to perform properly at the workspace, and these results in exhaustion. They undergo stress and develop tensions, which again further affects their work.

Briefly, mental issues like anxiety, stress, tensions, and restlessness substantially affect your work or task. In addition, it tends to affect your nearby environment including your peers, co-workers and colleagues.

How to prevent Anxiety?

There are various steps and tips that help you recover from anxiety. Recovering from anxiety or avoiding anxiety is not a very tough job. Instead, it is very easy. The very first thing is that you need to take care of your body and mind. You must ensure your proper health and fitness.

To improve your health and fitness, and to keep your body active, you need to exercise daily. Exercising daily makes, you feel fresh and removes all the negative thoughts coming to your mind and distracting you. Especially, Yoga and Pranayama are very necessary for good mental health. In addition, you need to take care of your regular diet. Limit the consumption of caffeine and sugar in your diet, to prevent anxiety.

You should reduce your workload and feel free. Take out time for yourself to pamper your body and mind. In addition, you should avoid taking tensions and thinking about something that stresses you.

Final thoughts

Anxiety is a result of tensions and stress. It is more prevalent these days due to the excessive workload and peer pressure. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid it, to keep yourself healthy and your mind and body fit.

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