What followers want from leaders?

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 25, 2019

If we consult Maslow’s hierarchy of needs all individuals want to reach the top of the pyramid and achieve self-actualization. As a leader we can help ourselves and our followers at the same time by helping them to grow personally and professionally.

The needs of a follower depend both on the work that the followers do and the personality of the follower. If the work involves repetitive manual tasks then the follower would be motivated for higher salary. If however the work involves higher thinking and creativity the motivation of the follower would be for higher needs.

Leaders must ensure that they at least meet the basic needs for followers. It is best to make money a non-issue buy paying a competitive salary. This avoids the follower thinking about their lower needs.

A leader needs to provide a vision and goals so the followers feel their work gives them purpose. This helps to meet their higher needs.

A leader should make themselves available to their followers and the followers should be notified about their availability. A leader should provide constructive feedback that is also provided quickly and is frequent.

To empower and enable followers to grow and develop the leader should also act as a coach rather than a manager. Coaching should be supportive to meet the personal as well as professional needs of the follower.

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