What are Virtues?

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 21, 2020

Virtues are the guidelines that provide us with a way to behave with others and our self. We know how to live in this world, what we have in our character and how we live every day with a purpose in this life. Some of them are what we practice already for example discipline, kindness, creativity, trust, gratitude and service.

Origin and why they are important?

It was all started in philosophy were Greek philosophers, Socrates, Aristotle and Plato defined the creatures in this world as the source of inner strength, balance and self-development through thinking and questioning.

Importance of the virtues rests in various elements as they affect our personal and social life. They allow us to feel joy and attachment to others. Morality increases and trust is built so that we can love and help and forgive and find peace through these deeds.

The four cardinal virtues

This duty means moral goodness and a sense of motherhood.A person in all situations stay truthful, realistic, gain clarity and honesty no matter what operation is carrying out.All that a person does under the influence of this virtue is good.This determines the action of a person and the results.

As the name suggests it deals with how we work with other people.We must be fair with others and self as well.The relationships, career and all that we take hold of while interacting with others demand our justice in what we speak and what we do.

This virtue helps a person to stay stable in challenges and difficulties of life.The person can cope with changes and unexpected issues.This is where people shed off their fear and they learn to move out of the situations in which they are not comfortable.


Temperance teaches control, stability and makes a person sober.These sets human free from all passionate desires and emotional drives that may provide harm to the people.This virtue is created with the will of God as the Christian teachings gave birth to this virtue; the belief system is the background.

The best character of men made up of these virtues

Self-care is the reflection of how people interact with others.

Without gentleness, feelings do not spread.

As all virtues are interlinked, the loyalty brings respect.

This is another art to master.

The one who dares to share with others all that they have are the most peaceful.

​Tolerance is the root of all gifts that the universe give.

Being compassionate is to understand the feelings of others.

This is possible even through daily one act of kindness.

Standing up for own rights is mandatory for a virtuous person.

Success is in feet when the ability to work with other prevails.

One must be flexible so that any situation is adjusted and self-control can be achieved.

Socratic virtues


This is the first step so that a brave man can possess the tools that design a level of morality.


Achieving peace is an art and this virtue washes all the worries and negative heart energies.


This bounds us to live without any hassle and good decisions support us.


Focus is the target setter for all that we want in life.


Everything is equally required. We need right and wrong to differentiate; bad experience does not mean we are at loss.


A man needs to be humble to appreciate other’s beauty and avoid evils.


This is the quality of our actions. If we prioritize well we behave good and this becomes one of the principles.


Wisdom is the race that helps us win through the experience and rational mechanisms of our brain.


Trust is important to survive. Without trust and being trustworthy isolation might kill us.


Without joy, we never appreciate all that we have. When we feel joy after a bad time, we love our life.


This helps us in letting go. When we feel it hard to leave something that is not good for us, this guides us.


This connects people. This social virtue elicits all kind of positive feelings and pleasure in our mind.

There are so many other virtues and most of them overlap when we find the meanings but the essence of virtues is to accept and practice. Virtues and values are often sound similar but the values are our ideal goals for action and the virtues are the inner power that we use to accomplish the goals we value.


Becoming virtuous must be the aim of our daily life’s journey. What we give will come to us. Since life has been created, people live by their virtues, ethics and these codes of conduct change their lives at every step to offer something new.

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