What Makes A Good Leader?

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 24, 2019

Business Leadership

Owning your own business makes you the boss by default but a leader is more than that. Leadership is about earning the trust and respect of employees through by supporting them. It is about what you can do for them and acting in a way that inspires them to perform.

Good leaders tend to have similar qualities.


Change happens. What worked before may not work today. Just because it is the way we have always done things does not mean it is right. Look for new opportunities to become better.


Providing positive feedback regularly boosts your employee’s self-esteem. It shows you are paying attention and you care. This works for customers also. Show them that you value their business.


When you communicate effectively you avoid confusion and you build trust. If you listen, really listen, to what is being said the message gets across. Be honest, speak truthfully. Provide feedback if needed and keep the communication path open. Be available.


Know who can do what. Know who likes doing certain tasks. Empower employees to lean and grow. Allow them to go beyond their roles. Do not micromanage. Be a cheerleader for your employees.

Promote Innovation

Business involves lots of competition. Some industries are incredibly competitive. If you are constantly looking for new ways to do things better you can find opportunities to get the edge.

Think Strategically

You should always be thinking about the next step to take your company. Look for new opportunities to enter new markets or grow and expand. It could be offering a new product line, opening a new location, developing an e-commerce solution. You need to be prepared to react to new challenges. A changing economy, new government policies.


What is the ultimate goal for your company? What is the ideal dream? Make sure your employees know it. It will motivate everyone to try to achieve it.

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