What Is a Worldview?

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 21, 2020

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We usually heard about the philosophy of life. We also strive to know what the world is and why it has been created and what is our purpose in this life. We perceive the world with our senses and then make a belief about it. The use of our mind in thinking about this world is called our worldview. The following categories of beliefs are found in it.


These are thoughts that we have about knowledge and knowing.Our basis of knowing is nature and we validate as we live and experience the world.These beliefs about information are possible that creates an effect on our mechanism.The minds associate and formulate the links of all that we see with the eyes and the wisdom we build with the guidance about the universe.We tend to justify every thought when we have confidence in the reality of the beliefs we form as we gain knowledge.This is where we start observation from and beliefs continue to modify.


The nature of reality and associated beliefs are called metaphysical beliefs.This form deals with the spiritual and non-spiritual sides of the world.Human beliefs about the faith in mind and the physical energy are all that presents the human being with truth and testing of truth.This process collectively pushes us to reason and rationally conclude our thoughts.However, there is no absolute truth.When one believes that the world is real because of god the beliefs of the god and universe changes.This is how spirituality changes over time.Our purpose is to know, understand, and work in a manner that supports our beliefs.


This category gives replies to the beliefs about the existence of the universe, man and life.The origin of what we have around us, what revolves and what stays and what we lose and what we get, how the galaxy affects us.In addition, how the planets play their role in our life.We work on knowing the changes that happen all the time.The design of this world tells us that the purpose is the foundation of everything that functions in this universe otherwise the human and other living things even the non-living things may have no purpose in this world.


Beliefs about the person’s purpose in this life are covered here.The belief of the man about why he is still alive and what is he doing and what he will be asked to do.The potential of a man to carry out the tasks with or without purpose is judged accordingly.When these beliefs are fulfilled then there is a choice to think and act in a manner we want.


This category consists of beliefs about God.Human beings relate to nature in terms of the creator.The following questions arise in the human mind when these beliefs are observed:

Is there any god existed?

What is the relationship between the universe and God?

How does a human need to live in this material world?

How these beliefs are used is seen in terms of behavior and responsibility.This means even an atheist surrender self to some source i.e. higher power, universe, and destiny, we all obey, we all talk to and we all are answered to someone who is above all and created a physical existence we enjoy.


These beliefs are related to the context of human cultures and artifacts. The genders and ages difference are included in it.We came to believe the following with these beliefs of us in worldview:

How we define a man?

What we perceive is the place of man in this world?

The concept of free will in this universe

The goodness or evil deeds in man

This is needed when we have to obey nature and destiny so that we can either resist or show submission.


Your thoughts and beliefs about how much value you give to certain behaviors and how you define good, bad, right, wrong, useful and harmful are dealt with in the axiological category. Based on your thoughts, this may affect you morally and in judgment. As a result, your behavior in the social world is determined by these beliefs. In our life, we continue to do the effort and behave in the same sense of doing something that is right for us and does not do that is wrong for us. This drives our actions and we become what we think.


We choose what we believe. In addition, we believe what we see. Human beings are by nature selective in giving attention and everyone has a different attention span and focus. This makes differences in people’s beliefs. They take you to where you are today and being realistic is the outcome based on one’s own reality. Consciously picking your reality is true wisdom.

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