Is waiting for a better tomorrow ruining your today?

Darryl Bachmeier
Aug 18, 2019

Do you feel like your life is in limbo right now? You are stuck in the anticipation of a certain event or thing, and you justify it by saying things like “Everything will get better after I do this..”.

Do you feel that your present is overshadowed by an imaginative future?

If the answer to these questions was a yes, then do not worry, as in this article, we will be going over why this is a hazardous state to be in, and what you can do to move on from it.

A life of comparisons

A primary reason for obsessing over a fairy-tale future is comparing our lives to others. We are constantly bombarded with updates about how others are living their day and life, causing us to lose focus on ourselves.

We tend to forget one basic idea and that is that every individual has their own life and it moves at a different pace and a different direction.

Another problem with this is that we associate happiness and success with achievements such as getting a job or a house, but we fail to recognize that happiness is a subjective construct. If you are happy with how you are living your life after putting in every possible effort then that is what matters.

Additionally, a disgusting by-product of comparisons is that we develop jealousy towards others. The feeling of jealousy makes us belittle the achievement of others, instead of being happy for them. This then amplifies our need to be in the same or higher position than the other person so that we can brag it to them. Jealousy won’t get us anywhere upwards in life, but can definitely lead us into a downward spiral.

The façade of social media

Social media is perhaps the biggest façade in our day and age. Everyone shares only the positive highlights of their lives, skipping over the dark or sorrowful part. This causes us to believe that they have it all and only we have the difficulties in life.

If you want to do yourself a favor, then stop using social media consistently and stop concerning yourself with what others are doing in their lives. If you can’t stop it then at least limit it as it has far-reaching negative implications on your mental health.

Ingratitude and pessimism

If you ever feel like comparing, then compare yourself to people you are way better off than. Dedicating our thoughts to our future results in us glancing over what we already have.

We are already gifted with several gifts, abilities, ideas, resources, and necessities that we are never grateful for. We are living a life that is only a dream for millions of people on this globe, yet we take everything for granted.

Furthermore, ingratitude combined with a pessimistic view of your present resources pushes you off the road of progress and development. We fail to utilize our gifts and put them to good use as we are hopeless about what we have today, and have all our hopes tied up on a contingency.

The addictive cycle

Imagine yourself achieving what you wanted to achieve. What next? Do you think you would be at peace? The answer to that is a simple no, as we would then start looking forward to the next best thing.

You felt like getting a specific smartphone would make you happy, so you invest in it. Soon however a newer model rolls out and now that smartphone you always dreamt about doesn’t look so attractive anymore.

This simple example demonstrates that this is a haunting and addictive cycle to be on, as you will always be looking for the next high while being completely oblivious to your ‘now’.

Is there a solution?

After you have recognized the problems mentioned above, the solution primarily lies in a shift of perspective. You have to realize that this present moment is an equally important phase of your life, and what you do right now has the potential of changing your future as well.

It is also necessary to not take things for granted and practice gratitude as it establishes an optimistic viewpoint within ourselves. Similarly, we would also recommend being supportive of others and being happy in other’s happiness, but to let it develop into unhealthy comparison and jealousy.

Moving on, we should also learn to live in the present, enjoy and cherish the casual yet comforting moments and relationships, as these are the moments we will cherish for the rest of our future.

Finally, take control of your present, have self-belief, and put in rigorous hard work as aspiring towards a better future is a commendable thing. Just make sure that this aspiration does not make you look over your present as well.

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