Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 20, 2020

Have you ever thought about training your mind and gaining what you want? Do you feel you need to have more control over whatever you need in life? You can attract all that you need in your life by mastering the art of visualization. This is one of the daily tools to use and turning your dreams into reality.

What is it and why people use it?

Visualization is a method to prepare your brain for functioning in a certain way. As we have an idea that our brain does what think if we think positive, our brain draws us to behave accordingly.

Using this method is effective for several reasons:








Attainment of something

Getting love


Fame and job

Whatever the reason is, this is easy and safe to use daily.Just sit back and relax so that you can begin this magical journey.

How do these techniques work?

These techniques are all well known evidence-based and effective. All the famous people have used them for becoming more successful, rich, famous and loved. This strategy works with the use of our brain unconscious mind that thinks in the form of images and feelings. The brain starts to produce creative ideas to achieve a goal. This change in perception makes our behavior directed in a way where we can collect the resources to utilize them for the achievement of our goals. It is necessary to visualize the goal and plan to complete it in our mind before we feel internally energized and motivated to execute it practically with our actions.

Mental Rehearsal

This is one of the famous ways to train the human brain for a better performance level.Sit in a comfortable place and position.Start this visualization with the imagination of sitting in a cinema and seeing a movie after you close your eyes.Make an image of the scenes in your mind as you like with the colors, voices, lights, environment, the temperature of the place and postures.Then focus on imagining the walk into that movie and then sense all the things you imagine about the movie again.Then imagine you are again out of the movie and use your hand to pick that movie screen with your fingers to turn into a small dice size thing to chew and swallow.In this way, you can feel that the whole movie’s energy is within you now in your body.Now open your eyes in the end and you are ready to do your daily tasks again.


Use all your five senses to make a solid goal image for example; your goal is your wedding day. Smell the flowers you love and wish to receive on that day, the type of ring that you want to wear, the colors and textures of your dress that you touch, the floor and the walls where you meet your spouse, the sounds you will hear and food that you may taste.


These are short positive and specific statements to boost visualization, you can repeat them 20 times in a day and relate it with an image i.e. I will get married happily in a way I will love!

Other exercises

Find a photo of what exactly do you want and memorize each minute detail of that goal in your mind, recall and see that photo many times a day especially in the start of the morning and at the end of the day on your bed. Create a board in your mind and put all those words and images on that daily. You can also make a list and note down relevant details in real in a personal diary.

Tips to make it work for your goal as the law of attraction

Make sure what you wish to get and visualize about must be your strong desire and you are in love with it.

Emotions drive us to what we want and we must be in intense love with whatever we want to have.

Continue visualizing about one goal at a time. Do it daily and consistently even for a short time. However, do not take a break.

Pick one goal to visualize at a time so that your brain concentrates on a single target and aim to work better.

Believe on yourself and have faith, pray about in detail and repeat.

Combine two to three kinds of visualization for better outcomes.

Do not make a hurry; patience is the key to success.


Everything we can imagine, we can do. This is the power of our thinking and brain. Keep on adding the pictures of all that you want in your brain and you will see how beautifully you will reach that place that you want to visit. Go to sleep with the visualization, relax and continue thinking about all that you need.

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