Trust, the key to success in Accounting

Darryl Bachmeier
Apr 4, 2019

Trust is essential in any employment relationship, especially when there is money involved since the least misunderstood can generate the loss of it. In the case of the accountant, it becomes even more relevant, since it depends in large part on the good reputation derived from your work, one that will help you maintain your clients and, of course, get more.

Success in accounting: trust as a pillar

Although in all professional work, trust is the main asset, in the case of accounting, it is a determining point between success and failure. For a client, choosing someone to manage their finances is an issue of utmost importance and -certainly- will opt for the person that generates greater closeness and tranquility, qualities that arise from the reputation that the professional has cultivated. A client will always want to be informed - in a detailed way - about his / her patrimony, and for that he/she needs to trust fully in his / her counter. For the reasons mentioned above, an accountant must practice based on ethics and transparency, making available to his clientele all available information through periodic reports, at the same time he must know how to interpret the numbers clearly so that his client understands the financial situation fully.

So, how does trust help us succeed in accounting?

It generates a permanent and complete link between client and accountant. It is built on the basis of honesty and the latter is one of the best tests to prove that an accountant is good at what he does. It provides credibility, stability, and security to the service that the accountant offers.

The “word of mouth” recommendations are the best form of advertising based on trust. If your clients trust you, they will surely recommend you to other people. The prestige of a professional is built on the basis of his way of working. If an accountant performs his work under the pillars of transparency, this will help him create good references.

Confidentiality should be part of a good accountant’s job: he will never disclose his client’s financial situation to third parties. In turn, the client will know how to value this proof of ethics and will assume it as evidence of the level of trust.

Although it is difficult to gain the trust of the clientele, a single false step can lead to the loss of it. Therefore, every commercial decision made must be based on ethics and evaluated rationally, because in this way the prestige of the accounting business will be taken care of and strengthened.

The success in accounting, in addition to relying on external factors, is based mainly on the way of working that an accountant executes, on the level of ethics that he uses in his day to day and above all in the transparency that he demonstrates. That is why you must take care of the trust that each person who advises deposits in him, as if it were his most valuable capital since this link based on honor depends on the growth of his client portfolio.

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