Tracking your workout

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 23, 2020

Workout and benefits

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “workout?” It is most likely body exercise for a reason. Exercise is crucial to us as it offers many advantages. A major reason for engaging in exercise is weight loss and body fitness. For some other people, it is not to lose weight but to build muscle tone and strength. Research has also shown that a proper workout session helps to improve one’s mood, with this increasing the mental health status. There are many other reasons why workout is necessary.

Why you need to track your workouts

In life, we tend to track many things from sleep to water drinking and lots more. In the same vein, you must monitor your workout sessions. The intentional tracking of your workout provides numerous benefits. We will look at some of them shortly.

Keeping a record of your workouts will give you a sense of accountability. It will reveal how disciplined and committed you are. Seeing your workout record helps you to see your successes and challenges. The data collected will reveal your weaknesses too. This will go a long way in helping you create a plan, which will accommodate solving any problems encountered along the way.

Tracking helps you to monitor your progress and consistency. Seeing your record of accomplishment causes a positive feedback effect. It helps you to see how much progress you have made, which in turn helps you to remain committed to the program. Without consistency, you might finish a year with an insignificant weight loss or muscle build. With the data, you have been able to keep, you can see how better you have become, and this will spur you to be better as you achieve more.

Another reason tracking is good for you is that you can evaluate your health parameters. This evaluation of parameters such as body mass, heart rate and others can help in monitoring your fitness goals.

Tracking your workouts is also a way of putting your progress in a story. It is more like keeping a journal of your experiences even as you record your workout information. This journal may be able to inspire someone out there who needs to start working out too.

Effective ways to monitor your workout program

As common to many people on the planet, we can start something. However, as soon as we are not motivated to keep going, we experience boredom, and we stop making efforts after little signs of progress. We already discussed the reasons we should track our workouts. This, in itself, is not enough! If you want to monitor your workouts, then it should be done the right way and with effective methods.

Tracking options

Before we talk about the techniques for tracking your workouts, let us delve into some forms your tracking can take. The first is going on the path of the pen and paper. This looks somewhat very old, but it could be the perfect option for you. You get to see your whole progress written in your own words. This effect alone is a self-esteem booster when it comes to workouts. If you are going this old-fashioned way, you must get a portable and durable journal.

Moving on to the computer age lovers, the use of excel spreadsheets is an effective excessively. You can get tables, graphs, or charts to see how well you have done over some time. With your computer or your phone, you can easily manipulate the values and record your progress.

This third option seems to be the deal of the day- mobile apps for different workouts. These apps come in various forms but for one purpose, which is to help track your workouts. They are easily downloadable, simple to use, and free. You can view your previous records in an organized manner.

Tracking methods

These next paragraphs will show you a systematic method of tracking your workouts. The first step is goal setting. This is very basic. Writing your goals, down empowers you to make every effort to achieve them. Before the next day, try to write down your goals. With this simple goal setting, your chances of success are increased.

The second tip is writing down or noting in your app the details of everything you do at each workout. The next tip is closely associated with the second one. It is a progress review. Keeping a note of your performance will help you see your weaknesses and fix them. Your successes are also recorded and celebrated too. A progress review will help in seeing if you are moving in the direction of your goal.

For those trying to lose some weight, they can track their body measurements using scales, body measurements, and other options. This can be done in addition to the previous methods.

In conclusion, tracking your workouts helps you to be accountable as you stay on course to achieve your goal. Tracking with the right methods, which are more important, will also do you good in the optimization of your body fitness goals and health altogether.

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