Tips to increase your client portfolio in accounting

Darryl Bachmeier
Apr 4, 2019

Present from remote times in different cultures, the office of accounting has had to adapt to changes. If you are looking to increase your client portfolio in accounting, you should bear in mind that our society has changed the way we work.

What factor is responsible? Technology. With its progress, it gradually modifies the routine of an accounting department, so it is essential to know the new tools. Consider the following tips in order to get clients for accounting with the speed and efficiency offered by the accounting tools of this new generation.

  1. Handle simultaneously in several digital media

Deciding between PDF or XLS when exporting a report? Why not both? When it comes to covering as much as possible, it is ideal for handling all digital formats preferred by potential customers. Why? Because it is important to work under platforms that are versatile when dealing with different file types. This will mean an important advantage for your clients since, depending on the occasion, they may require the same data in different formats. Only by having a tool that is ready to export them directly, you can deliver them immediately in the type of file they want.

  1. Offer services that meet all national and international standards

One of the responsibilities of accounting work is to perform each audit and data management in a manner that complies with the standards of the Internal Revenue Service (SII), as well as the requirements of an international standard such as IFRS.

While some generic computer solutions can provide basic functionalities when exporting documents that meet all these requirements, the guarantee of having full support will always be a plus to get clients for accounting.

  1. Have support for the most used external systems

As an accountant, the work often includes maneuvering bank details and certificates, as well as accessing the data from the remuneration books and files such as PREVIRED. For this, it is necessary to have a system that allows using all these sources of information under a unified platform, which does not require opening different programs or services to access this data.

How does this mean a plus for your future customers? By saving time on your accounting work, they can have the information they need in less time than they had planned. In this way, you will generate a differentiating element that will stand out from the others.

  1. Clarity and simplicity when reviewing files

Many customers can view the work of their accountant or accounting team with skepticism because of the technical and specific level of many of their work documents. For this reason, it is very important to give an image of transparency when offering your services. Thus, your customers can review your audits clearly, which will give you a great advantage over others that are still handled with cumbersome analog work systems.

Using digital tools in the cloud, your customers can access from any place or device to your spreadsheets and other documents, being always clear their functions and the work done in each of them. This type of platform allows access to our information in a hierarchical manner, for example, with a reviewer profile, through which the client can review a summary of your work and some reports, but not modify data. Thus, trust with your customers will be reinforced thanks to this type of solutions, ensuring a much more orderly workflow.

  1. Reduce inefficient practices and increase the agility of your processes

Digital accounting tools have left double-digitization in history, making accounting work much more effective than before. This adds to the speed of access to data offered by platforms such as those based on the cloud, that is, they can be reviewed from any PC or mobile device without the need to install software. Thanks to this, the accounting processes are greatly streamlined.

As you can see, using these good practices helps gain an advantage in the competitive accounting market and getting clients for accounting. Whether you are starting or have been in the trade for years and are looking to upgrade, adopt new technologies and take into account these tips will even help you to expand your work in the future. Every day more professionals in the industry are migrating to this type of services to increase their portfolio, so why do not you? The change in insurance will be worth it.

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