Tips For Having A Great Conversation With Anyone

Darryl Bachmeier
Jul 16, 2019

If you want to have a great conversation, the first thing to know is that there are no tricks here. There are tips and steps you need to take, and precisely that is going to be our topic for today. Here you can see the best possible tips that can help you have a conversation with any person. Yes, you can use them on your partner or on a potential one and expect a great outcome. Without further ado, let’s start sharing.

You must be interested in that person

Having a great conversation isn’t possible if you are not interested in that specific person. There is no way to mimic this and there is no way to trick that person, period. Many of you have tried that and failed. The reason is simple. When we are interested in a person, the entire brain and body language change and adapt. The accent of this tip is you MUST be interested, not should. Try to discuss what that person likes, loves, what makes her or him happy, and motivations in life. These are just a few examples. If you are really interested, you will have amazing inspiration to ask the right questions.

Have an agenda

Before you even start a conversation, you need to have an agenda. If you like that person, you probably want a date. If you are talking with a business partner, you probably want some sort of a deal. The main goal is to have a few topics to cover and the main agenda. Stick to the plan you have created and follow other tips we will cover here. When you want to have a great conversation with your partner, both of you can work on a few topics that will be discussed at dinner or in front of a TV. Don’t try to change your agenda while having a conversation.

Always be positive

Yes, it may sound like an obvious tip, but it is an essential one. Not a single person (except therapists, maybe) like negativity. Instead of focusing on problems, focus on goals. Instead of talking about bad things that have happened to you, talk about interesting ones. All people, especially women will appreciate this tip and can help you prolong the conversation and in specific cases have another date.

Make sure the first contact is appreciated

A person will get an impression of another human within a few seconds. It is essential to provide a positive and friendly approach. There are a few things to consider. Always keep your hands visible and always smile. Relax your shoulders and look that person in the eyes. This is very important when approaching a person to try and get a date. It does work in other cases as well.

Use a proper conversation starter

Believe it or not, ‘’Hi, how are you today?’’ is the best conversation started there is. It has been confirmed in countless studies and all of those have found the same result. It is simple and yes, it is effective. But, you may want to try another conversation starter. There are many examples and there are great starters for every single scenario. Just make sure to make a subtle transition to the next level. Commenting on that event or a location is usually very effective.

Look for the spark

There is one thing known as conversation spark. It occurs when a person’s brain releases a hormone known as dopamine. This hormone will make a person engaged in conversation and even cause her to become excited. There is no generic rule of how you can get this. Ask various questions that are focused on things a person may like or love. Some examples include vacations, hobbies, positive feelings and etc. Once you notice the spark, you will be able to prolong the conversation. If eyebrows rise, it is a good thing. It means that a person is interested in that topic.

Use stories to back up any fact or advise

We all like when a person shares an interesting fact or a piece of advice. But, what many of us fail to do is not to back up that fact with a story. This is a secret obtained from successful people. If you listen to one, you will see that he or she will share a fact and then move to a story that backs it up. By doing this, you can make yourself far more interesting and have a better conversation. This also means that you should be focused more on facts that are paired with an actual story that happened to you. Using other people’s stories doesn’t work well.


It looks like having a great conversation is simple. The answer why is the fact people are social creatures and they love to talk. This refers to 98% of people from all over the world and it is something you can use to your advantage. Just make sure to use our tips and you will be successful every single time. You will get skills as well, which will make future conversations even better.

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