The importance of the Accountant for companies

Darryl Bachmeier
Apr 1, 2019

When thinking about a safe and stable profession, very few races could surpass the figure of the accountant. And is that the role they fulfill has been vital for companies for hundreds of years, so much so that currently it is impossible for a company to project successfully without the presence of one. But, what is the real importance of the accountant for organizations?


First, it is necessary to indicate that the function of these professionals can be varied depending on their specialty. This is how we can find some seasoned in tax matters, others with high knowledge on financial issues, and also experts in audits and fiscal matters, areas in which their work is essential for the development of a company.

And that is why they were prepared in schools, where they received the tools to develop and validate financial information with a critical eye. At the end of readings and practical exercises, these professionals learned about subjects as varied as human resources, macroeconomics, business risk, management control, tax law, and information technology infrastructure, which gives an interdisciplinary character to their profession.

Essential in the team

If we made an analogy with football, for someone in charge of the accounting of a company the knowledge of the team is essential to manage the plays. He knows what he has to do from the origin of the actions. In fact, an accounting professional can help make sure that the company is properly configured from the start as a sole proprietor or as a limited liability company, for example.

His location in the field would be that of a midfielder through which all the balls pass. It is reliable, analytical and balanced. When the team is newly formed, the person in charge of accounting can be external, that is, it provides a service to the company by helping it with its financial statements. However, when the company gained ground, and the team grew, then it is necessary to incorporate someone who works in a stable manner for the organization, which is in charge of organizing the documentation, processing it, registering it, and preparing the finances and declarations. of taxes.

Among the main reports and financial statements that you must obtain for proper accounting are the balance sheet and the income statement. The first one shows a “photograph” of the company on a specific date, whereas it happens in a field- there are assets, liabilities and net worth. For its part, the income statement is a financial report that exposes the gains and losses over a period of time.

For a company, the technical contribution of these professionals is of great value. With a perfect “timing” he worries about reporting the payment of invoices and taxes of public services, among other governmental obligations. If coverage is required and the requirements are met in case of an audit, there will be the accountant explaining the movements of the company transparently.

Looking to the future

His vision of the move is integral and strategic, which is why his voice is key to identifying which activities of the company are profitable and which are generating money losses. With his advice, the general manager can better delineate the next challenges. Why? The person in charge of accounting is able to prepare a company to handle future expenses. This can range from planning the money available to pay the employees, going through advice on the relevance of the purchase or sale of assets, to the evaluation of investment projects. In short, because of its proactive role, when the person in charge of accounting takes the lead, it can make a difference in numbers.

Tech Savvy

Today, the figure of the person in charge of accounting behind a desk lost among a cluster of folders has been left behind in time, because technology is your best ally. This is how these professionals are using different accounting software in the cloud, under a SaaS model, where the data that is hosted on the servers is from an information technology company, not as before where everything was filed in the physical form. In addition, they have web programs to make electronic invoices and remunerations, to name some significant advances.

As we can see, with its high analytical capacity, someone who studied accounting is able to influence decision-making to help the growth of an organization. Undoubtedly, a key piece in the scheme of any work team.

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