Use of Technology in Collaboration for Virtual Teams

Darryl Bachmeier Feb 4, 2020 Teams

Having a virtual office can spare time and make your business increasingly proficient. This is all because of the advances in innovation that make the above focuses conceivable. All you need to do is, get a local office, and you employ the other individuals to work with. This team can live wherever they want while the use of technology will guarantee they are filling in as proficiently as expected. Virtual teams are the new wave; it has increased in the realm of business, with staffs and colleagues spread far and wide over the globe. With the accessibility of the internet, organizations now work using virtual teams. Before the technology can collaborate with virtual teams, it is advisable to Evaluate the tasks and challenges of the collaboration in your virtual team, and also you evaluate the technologies you have available in your organization to accomplish the given task Overlaying both then...

Keeping a team focused and motivated

Darryl Bachmeier Apr 18, 2019 Teams

Many teams, those who work mainly on long projects, end up reducing their production and performance, because that initial challenge is being changed by the daily routine, in other words, they get “stuffy” to look at all day long. the same code, the same process, the same screens, the same rules. The other day I was reading a story that suggested even the team’s total focus shift, at least one day a week. That, in turn, may be a bit overdone, but there are some viable ways to stay focused, and therefore the motivation of the team. Below are some points that are positive differentials in the daily life of a team: Challenges: Many people live to overcome challenges, they encourage them to go beyond, seek something more, seek to create these challenges in the course of each project delivery; Clarity in project information: leave your team inside everything that...

How to handle team conflict

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 18, 2019 Teams

Teams are when a group of people come together to with the same goal. Teams go through five stages of development Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing and Adjourning. Team conflict is most likely to occur in the storming phase when team members are competing for power and relationships have not yet developed. When conflict does arise, there are styles to handle conflict: Competing, Avoiding, Compromising, Accommodating and Collaborating. (Daft, R. L. 2014 P.317). Competing using power to pursue your own interests. Avoiding when you ignore the concerns of others. Compromising to find mutually acceptable solution. Accommodating by ignoring your position and satisfy the other individual. Collaborating by working with the other individual to find a solution that satisfies all concerns. Depending on the situation, the leader must make the decision as to which method to take. If the leader decides to fix the issue, they have several methods to alleviate through...

Managing a team with performance metrics

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 14, 2019 Teams

Managing team performance is essential to ensuring a high performing team. There are several things that a team leader must do to manage performance. A team leader must be knowledgeable about the business, industry and know the strengths and weaknesses of all team members. A team leader must make sure that their team has the right people. It starts with selecting the best talent possible. After selection of talent, it continues by monitoring the performance of individual team members, they will know who the stars are and who the bad apples are. Performance reviews with each team member must be scheduled on a regular basis. A review should allow the team member to discuss their tasks and allow the team leader to offer support or change of the workers tasks. It must be done in a way that shows the team leader is open, honest and fair. It should look...

Trust in virtual teams leads to success

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 12, 2019 Teams

Building trust as a concept Virtual teams encounter challenges like any other team however; their challenges are a unique mix. Processes can be put in place to meet these challenges head-on and prevent them from getting out of control. Certain processes are best when implemented right from the start and these are not a one-time task but rather ongoing processes. Methods to ensure trust, schedules of face-to-face meetings, metrics for team performance and proper communication strategy can increase the chance of virtual teams to be successful. Trust in a virtual team is the most important driver of success. Although this is important for any team, it seems to be much more important when the team is not collocated. As a team member, you need to trust your teammates will complete their pieces of the work. As a subordinate, you need to trust that the team leader believes you are doing...

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