Teach kids important life values

Darryl Bachmeier
Oct 20, 2020

Values are a fundamental part of an individual’s personality and moral upstanding in society. It goes onto determine an individual’s behavior, attitudes and decision-making process. Like all parents, you’d obviously want your kids to pick up the right core values. Here is a set of five values that you should teach your children:


This one is pretty clichéd but it still doesn’t make it any less important. Honesty and truthfulness is probably one of the most important values that determines one’s moral compass and action. Honesty not only applies to being truthful to other people but also being truthful with one’s own self (this is pretty much why the self-improvement industry has boomed) Oftentimes, parents end up lying to other people in front of their kids to avoid difficult situations. Honesty might not always be fruitful, but it is important that the importance of being honest is taught from a young age. It is important to set the right example when teaching the importance of honesty to kids.

  • Always speak the truth in front of the kids even if it might lead to adverse circumstances.
  • Discipline your kid if he/she is caught lying or being dishonest with you or someone else.


One of the most important inventions of the 17th century, the light bulb was invented by Edison who famously went through 1000 failed experiments to succeed. Achieving something in life may sometimes come to luck but it mostly comes down to perseverance and the ability to get back stronger after failure. A major reason why people lack perseverance is their inability to cope with failure or loss. Parents need to instill the idea of dealing with failure in a positive way. This is the only way your child will have enough courage to continue working towards their goals. As a parent there are multiple ways in which the importance of perseverance can be taught:

  • Give your kids extremely challenging activities that require a great deal of concentration and requires multiple attempts to complete
  • Teach kids about the importance of focusing on the journey and the effort being put in rather than the end result.


It is difficult to be an optimist in the world we live in, especially with all this negativity around us. Young people these days tend to complain about how life has been unfair to them because of their circumstances. However, it is important for parents to instill in the importance of positivity and optimism in their kids. Optimism improves your emotional well-being and allows you to deal with adverse circumstances in a positive manner. It also allows you to look and grasp opportunities that others might seem to miss.

  • Teach optimism by asking your kids to look at the positive side of events that might seem unfavorable or unfortunate.
  • Ask your kids to express their failures and look at the things they learnt from it.


We live in a cruel world as it is. It is difficult for us to find people around us who exhibit kindness and compassion to other people. It is important to teach kids to be kind to everybody, regardless of one’s racial or ethnic background. Children should learn to accept diversity from a young age and nurturing compassion is one of the ways to teach them. Furthermore, kindness should not be limited to human beings but also plants, animals and the environment around. Parents can impart the importance of kindness by setting the right example by:

  • Signing up your child to different volunteer programs, particularly those that involve interacting with the less privileged or helping out in a community center.
  • Having a pet can also teach kids to understand and take care of their needs which requires kindness and compassion.


Loyalty requires a great deal of consistency and integrity in one’s relationships as it builds trust and reliability. To begin, it is very important to be loyal to one’s own values and life goals and not giving up on them on the slightest degree of difficulty. A lot of times loyalty can be tested when circumstances go awry, however it is important to be steadfast and be loyal in your dealings. Parents should teach the importance of being loyal as it plays a solid factor in cultivating healthy relationships. Show loyalty in their relationship with their kids by being consistent in your relationships and their expectations.

  • Create a sense of loyalty in your own family by spending time with them. Make sure to engage with them on a daily basis, try to have some meals together and team up on activities with them. These are just some important life values that you should teach your child. How many more can you think of? Let us know in the comment’s section below.

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