Taking Responsibility for your Life

Darryl Bachmeier
Jul 17, 2020

There is no doubt that you have been admonished to take responsibility for your life a number of times from various sources. Life itself can be so stressful at times that it leaves one confused and in search of the next right step to take. It can be easy to turn the blame on others and the circumstances surrounding your life whenever you hit rock bottom. The question is how long will this go on. At some point you will have to take the bull by the horn and become responsible for yourself.

Choosing to step up to the game and take responsibility for yourself is one of the most important things you can do for your life. It puts you in full control of your future, at a position where everything that happens to you does so because of something else you did, not due to another random cause. You become a person who is more proactive than reactive with their response pattern to life.

Taking responsibility simply means coming to terms with the role you play as the captain of the ship of your life. In the case of a crash, you look within to find out what went wrong and to figure out why it went wrong. External factors will certainly have an influence on outcomes in your life, but there are still a lot of other aspects of your life that are totally under your control as a human being. Failure in any of these facets only goes to show that you haven’t invested enough to see success. Acknowledging your actions and how they have shaped your outcome is one right step towards accepting responsibility.

Taking responsibility isn’t a smooth sail. It is a challenging adventure, which explains why many people are more inclined to shy away from it instead of embracing it fully. We spend a huge chunk of our growing up being catered to by people more experienced at life than us. Maturing into adults, we begin to realize that we have to take the baton and continue the race. Many people miss it here, choosing instead to remain in that stage of their life where people make decisions for them and also accept the blame when failure comes knocking. If you refuse to take responsibility, a time will come when you will look back to now and regret ever allowing the wind of life blow you wherever wished.

Here are some of the ways you can go about taking responsibility for your life:

Permanently pause the Blame Game

This is one of the biggest and most prominent issues with taking responsibility. We are more open to blaming others for our unhappiness, depression, insecurities or setbacks. In truth, it is your life and no one can live it for you. Everything you have experienced, will experience and are currently experiencing have directly or indirectly been influenced by your past actions. Choosing to remain in a toxic relationship is totally up to you, so you’ll have to accept the blame if you ever become emotionally damaged. Making a more mature decision to walk away and find peace is choosing to steer your life towards positivity.

Trash your excuses

There are a thousand and one reasons why you should not make that next move in your career or business path. When you turn your whole focus towards those excuses, you start to diminish the initial drive you once had to take that step. Excuses shrink your resolve to take responsibility for your life. In the case of failure, learn to ignore the mistakes and pick all the lessons that the experience has brought your way. This is a more positive approach that will greatly increase your chances of seeing more success in the future. To prevent the need for excuses, stay prepared and try to think up situations that may require you to make baseless excuses. Such contingency plans will help set things straight and smoothen the journey.

Set achievable goals and write them down

Everyone has a goal at every point in their life. It may be a goal to become a better singer, to grow influence or to complete a book. Many times, these goals remain goals until we go past the point where we should have seen achievement. This happens either because these goals were just unachievable or because there were no set reminders to keep us on track.

Research has proven over and over that writing down things activates the brain faster to take action. This way the mind is reminded to keep processing and preparing the body for the achievements. Also put down all of the steps needed to reach a particular goal. This will serve as a guidance and as a way to help you remain on track instead of chasing shadows.

Finally, the summation of everything that has been listed here is ‘action’. One can’t take responsibility without action. There is no need to have an enticing goal that isn’t backed by action. Accept that you need to put in work to see results. Once you come to terms with this, taking the steering wheel of your life is easily achievable.

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