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How Resourcefulness Helps Individuals Succeed

Darryl Bachmeier Jun 1, 2019 Success

Resourcefulness is the ability of using resources in your environment at your full capacity. A resourceful individual will not break under pressure, no matter the circumstance and rise like the Phoenix from the ashes. It is noted that creative and successful individuals like Sam Walton, Temple Gardin and Walt Disney were resourceful personalities. They found inventive solutions and optimized assets in their environment. Most importantly they worked hard and smart. Executive functions in your brain help you be resourceful Experts say people are not born with resourcefulness. Luckily this is a skill that you can develop with time. The key is to improve your executive functioning skills. Your brain is a muscle; different mental and emotional exercises can help improve your executive function skills. Let us look inside your brain first. It compromises of three components that help executive functions: working memory, self regulation and cognitive flexibility. All three components...

Diminishing Returns Law - Basics, Stages, and Effect on Your Life

Darryl Bachmeier May 22, 2019 Success

Diminishing returns law is something you can be very familiar with or something you have no idea even exist. Usually, people who are studying or have studied economics are familiar with the term. An interesting fact is that this law applies to businesses and also to life. We will explain it and give you a complete insight into the diminishing return law. What is diminishing returns law? Diminishing returns law is mostly present in economics, but can be seen in life as well. It means that the results won’t advance equally as the effort you invest. With better results, you need to invest more energy into the same process. A more complex definition states that if you increase just one factor (let’s say input) while all other factors remain the same, your result will start to decrease. The best example is when losing weight. You may know that losing 30...

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