Relaxation techniques to liberate yourself from stress

Darryl Bachmeier Sep 18, 2020 Stress

What if we told you that there are ways to attain relaxation without emptying your wallets. All these techniques need is your attentiveness and a smartphone and you too can experience what it feels like to be liberated from stress. What is relaxation? Relaxation is the state of being free from any worry, stress, or anxiety. It is a method through which you can attain peace. Relaxation is not just sitting on the sofa and watching Netflix. It is a process of activating the relaxation mechanism of your body so you can reap its benefits. Benefits of Relaxation Relaxation has proven to have a vast number of benefits. Some of them are listed as follows: Lowering heart rate Lowering Blood pressure Relaxing muscles Sustain a normal range of blood sugar levels Increases concentration Elevates mood Reduces the release of stress hormones Reducing fatigue Lowering anger and frustration Reduces anxiety Types...

What is stress?

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 19, 2020 Stress

We are always advised to avoid stress, but it is actually a normal part of our lives. Therefore, instead of avoiding stress, it would be useful to learn how to deal with it. It can cause us significant problems, and it triggers our fight or flight reaction. You have to take action unless you want stress to create health problems or worsen the ones you have already. Stress is most damaging when it is unexpected, prolonged, and uninterrupted. Still, you can find a way to deal with it by seeking support from your loved ones, as well as with regular exercise. Other methods to manage stress are meditation and other relaxation techniques, as well as structured breaks. It helps if you can learn new coping strategies that would create predictability in your life. Alcohol, drugs, smoking, eating, and pain medicines can worsen the stress and make you more sensitive to...

What is Anxiety?

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 19, 2020 Stress

Anxiety is a household word these days. Every other person experiences this feeling. Its not specific to a single country, but is felt globally. Anxiety is a feeling of fear. Anyone who fears about the future, or future consequences, experiences anxiety. Anxiety can range from small nervousness to a serious issue. Nervousness before a presentation, interview, or public speech are some examples of minor anxiety. Whereas, if this continues for a long period, it is a major one. What is Anxiety? Anxiety is a mental problem or disorder in which a person fears something. In most cases, it is the fear of the future. People are not able to concentrate on their work properly, which causes this type of disorder. In anxiety, a person undergoes mental stress and may experience panic attacks. There is a feeling of being uncomfortable and restlessness. People are not able to concentrate on their tasks...

Connecting with nature

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 19, 2020 Stress
Young woman stands on bridge in forest. Hiking and connecting with nature.

We are, generally, inseparable from our environment. Nature influences us; it affects our society and our culture. We often forget how strong nature can be. We can forget that nature is full of life. It can be difficult to oppose nature. Instead, we should try to reconnect and live in harmony with nature. Walk More Walking is the natural way of moving. Any car, motorcycle or public transportation is not a natural way of travelling for a human being and harmful for the natural environment. It does not matter whether you are going for a walk in the forest or the city street full of cars and other people, while you are walking, you are reconnecting with nature. Have you ever noticed that your lungs work well; your heart beats right as it should, your thoughts flow smoothly and confidently while you are walking? That is the best proof that...

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