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Companies need to monitor their online presence

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 16, 2019 Strategy

For the last few years, online shopping has taken off but with smart devices, local presence has become important. Google search ranks results of local higher and it is based on the location of the user. In fact, many websites and applications are asking the user to reveal their location to give a better experience. Business must be aware of their online presence. How their website appears and functions on a user’s device. Mobile technology is thriving. In developing markets, the use of mobile technology is far easier since there is no setup of the entire infrastructure. It is likely in these markets that online browsing and shopping will be done on a mobile device. Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook give another medium for customers to give feedback whether it is wanted or not. Businesses must pay attention to what others are saying about their business and brands....

What are the objectives of business intelligence

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 13, 2019 Strategy

It is known as business intelligence or business intelligence, the set of techniques, strategies, and technology that through the measurement and subsequent analysis of data, seeks to improve the task of those responsible for a store and help them achieve their business objectives. The main objectives of business intelligence are: Collect all possible data about the clientele Among these data are: The number of people entering the store at different times of the day. This is done through an advanced person counter. Tour they make inside the premises. Websites that visit from their mobile phones through the free Wi-fi provided by the store. Analyze the data collected A set of numbers is useless if they are not interpreted. Business intelligence technology, in its current state, provides automated solutions for this. This way, among other issues, you can find out which are the most and least crowded days and hours or...

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