Steps to Achieve Your Goals

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 21, 2020

Each one of us has that overwhelming wish to achieve something in his life. In addition, most of us at some point in our lives have a deep-seated hope in the future, and a burning desire to accomplish some great feats. This desire is woven deeply inside our human identity, not for mere survival, but also with a yearning passion to thrive.

However, when it comes to making that goal a reality, we often do not actually follow through with it, and then we revert to old emotion-numbing behaviors. However, it is time to break those self-defeat patterns and make our goals happen.

Achieve Any Goal by 7 Simple Steps

Let us go from just saying we want something, to actually following through and accomplishing anything, we put our minds. Whether you look for wholesale changes in your life or just want to fine-tune it a little or even you are seeking for financial targets, here are the best seven steps to do:

Believe in the process

Without confidence in yourself and your abilities, you may forget about your endeavor to achieve your goals. That is why you should have absolute faith and belief in the process. In case you fall in doubt, just look around you.

Our species has thrived throughout the years; we achieved glamorous results thanks to the promising innovations that have sparked the possibility to turn what seemed impossible to a reality in our lives. We had not only wished for the moon, but we also had solicited for the stars. All of this started as a goal in someone’s head. So, start now and turn your thoughts into reality.

Set your goal

Without setting your goal, you can lack focus and direction. Setting a personal goal puts you in the driver’s seat, which gives you the power to change your own life, into whatever direction you crave. However, the initial goals are often abandoned somewhere along the way due to not observing some critical points when setting them.

Given that, your goal should be:

Specific - as specific goals have a much greater chance of being accomplished if it deals with facts and events. It also provides regimen and precision to your training program. Measurable - you should be able to measure progress for achieving the goal in order to adhere to concrete criteria. Also, try to break your goal down into measurable elements. Realistic - You are the only one who can decide how essential your goal is, but you have to ensure there is a realistic chance to achieve it within the right circumstances. Attainable - for setting a most effective goal, ensure you are the goal is applicable to you with your abilities and possibilities. Otherwise, you will be setting yourself up to fail.

Make a plan

After setting your goal, it is time to decide how to make it happen. Make a plan of everything you do and the time in which you want to do it. The period is necessary, without it there is no sense of urgency. Moreover, deadlines could help to work towards them and strengthen motivation, which can keep your morale high.

Be accountable

While the mere mention of the word accountability could make many people shudder, the justified meaning is to be responsible and answerable. Relying on something or someone could minimize your ability to think creatively, quickly and clearly. Rather than that, take the lead of shaping your own circumstances, eventually good, positive, game-changing things will start to happen.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

You should not be ashamed when asking for help, especially when involving a new venture. It is crucial to learn from the experts around you, as freshening up your knowledge and skills could be what sets you apart.

Evaluate your progress along the way

When your goal is time-bound, you will be able to evaluate and track your progress along the way. The more meticulous tracking to your goal, the more likely you will be to follow through. Pick a system or any tool for tracking your goal, and do it continuously every day, this would provide you a barometer towards goal achievement.

Constantly readjust your approach to reach your goals

While you are evaluating your progress, if you realized that your progress does not actually get closer to your goal, you might need to readjust your approach. This readjusting provides you a moment to correct things.


To achieve your goal, you might need acute self-discipline, consciously aware of your actions, and the ability to overcome some of the bad habits that might be holding us back. However, while it is not easy, do not let your circumstances define what to do or who you are going to be. Keep doing the process by distinct steps; do a little every day towards the accomplishment of your goal.

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