Staying connected with your partner

Darryl Bachmeier
Aug 3, 2019

In a relationship, there comes many phases, starting with the honeymoon phase to the comfort zone, couples may end up disconnected at a point in their relationships.

The disconnectedness is partly contributed by lack of attention, whereas a major role is played by the response of couples to the challenges in life.

In the beginning, you are unfamiliar with your partner, you start exploring each other’s interests and maintain a harmonious relationship by accepting your partner and compromising for each other.

As time passes by, you enter a phase where there is nothing hidden or to be told, here the comfort zone starts, but as you move further in life, you come across responsibilities, you may start having kids and family, you need to balance between financial and family responsibilities.

So here is the time when both of you may get busy doing your efforts to make things happen and to run the family. In this struggle, most couples forget about giving time to each other and one of the partners often starts feeling neglected by the other.

Romance changes to criticism, dates convert to fights on weekends, and anger takes the place of intimacy.

We call this the danger zone, as most relationships fail to cope with the daily stress and both partners feel the need to separate.

But wait!

Separation is not a wise step in this scenario, love can make anything happen, and you need to reconnect little by little.

Here are some of the best relationship advice you will ever get to stay connected to your partner, no matter what the circumstances are,

Understand the needs

Although you are busy doing your part, and you may be giving so much to the family, but to stay connected you need to give something individually to your partner to make him/her feel special. Talk about what both of you prefer and need, and start making time to fulfill each other’s needs. It does not mean something big, your partner may need just a while to speak out and that may be enough to relieve the stress.

Power of touch

Couples start losing intimacy in the run of daily struggles which is a major culprit is distancing you from your loved one. A better saying is, hug and kiss your partner even if you are a hundred years old. This fact has been found by science that touch produces a hormone called oxytocin which is also called the love hormone because it provokes the feeling of being loved and relieves the stress. Another study shows that hugging for twenty seconds is effective for building trust, and we all know that trust is crucial in any relationship.

Relive the past

Have you stopped the small things you used to do when you started? If so, then start again, just start saying “I love you” again, giving roses and chocolates, even holding hands again will make you feel alive with your partner once again. When you start doing the things that you people used to do, it will remind you of all the good times you had with your partner and you eventually feel more attracted and attached to the person.

Participate in planning for each other

Indulge in discussions related to your future, plan, and discuss ideas on how to improve your life. Suggest to each other what could work for you in the future and what career you are up to. Do show support to your partner in pursuing the dreams he/she has planned for both of you. Creating a plan with your partner will make your partner feel wanted and will show your interest in your partner’s life.

Take a break from the gadgets

Day and night you have that screen in front of your face and you don’t get time from work but when you do, you spend that time with your phone. This is the biggest mistake couples make. You need to switch off your phone for an hour in a day and tell each other that this time you both are spared for each other.

Experience new things

Going on adventures, starting a long drive, or traveling to a spot that you never visited before, gives you a chance to make new memories if you got fed up with the old ones. Even trying different clothes and accessories or participating in hobbies like gardening, home decor can also bring you close to your partner.

Communication is the key

In this era of technology, people have forgotten the concept of talking to humans face to face. You may be liking and commenting on your partner’s Instagram post but guess what, you people don’t talk much when it comes to a face to face talk. Just stop making a formality to comment on your partner’s post, and indulge in the real talk. Sit together for at least 5 minutes a day, and spend quality time talking and expressing love to each other.

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