Staying Challenged in Life

Darryl Bachmeier
Jul 13, 2020

Life is full of unpredictable challenges coming your way every day. The real deal is not the challenges imposed on you by life but it is your response to those challenges.

There may be people who just find the easy way out and escape from the situation, however, the successful ones don’t run away from the clouds of dismay.

Growth is not just a biological process of cell division and metabolism to increase in size, it is a holistic phenomenon where not just you grow physically but also improve the skill, capabilities, and behavior towards problem-solving.

This type of holistic growth is the result of taking risks and challenging yourself over and over again for reaching a stable state called success.

How to stay challenged?

Several ways can keep you challenged all the time and make you cope up with the bad weather in life.

Know your goals

Make clear what you want to achieve in life and how much you need to reach that finish line. This will enhance your interest in work and makes you more competitive to win the race.

Holding an identity

You know yourself and you know your goals. You are familiar with your strengths. Now is the time to put your identity to a test and to estimate if you are what you assume yourself to be, or is it just your perception of being strong and agile.

Never give up

What happens if you fail to do something for the first time? Do you give up on the task or start blaming others? That is not the right way to respond to failure. Just keep going. If you want to stay determined you must accept the bitter truth of failure and continue to try and try again until and unless you achieve the goal you set for yourself. This will remove the fear of failure from your mind and you get to work with more enthusiasm every time you fail.

Work by yourself

Try to make things possible by using your abilities rather than replying to others or waiting for miracles to happen to lead your way to the targets. In practical life, a person always has to take the plunge on his head.

Stay disciplined

Just make a timetable, leave all the bad habits and grab some good ones, and stick to it. Staying disciplined is a challenge itself and making a habit of discipline gets you to a wholesome of incredible gifts in the form of success.

Be accountable

Yes, do a self-evaluation regularly and be accountable for your actions and all the reactions caused by those actions.

Celebrate to motivate

Success is not big or small, it is what it is. From passing your first exam in school to making those millions of worth of business deals, there are so many small events to motivate you to do more and you need to celebrate, to keep going.

Stay positive

Life is a bouquet in which flowers come along with thrones. No matter what happens good or bad you need to stay optimistic as Sir Winston Churchill said: “The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”.

Benefits of staying challenged

You learn new skills and acquire knowledge about different aspects of life when you come out of your comfort zone. If you keep doing what you already know how to do and don’t give chance to new ideas it means you have a rigid personality, on the contrary, if you give room to challenges in your life you seem to be flexible enough to manage coming out of the crowd and rise to lead your empire.

When you stay challenged all the time you have a set of tasks to be accomplished in a set time. This trait makes you more punctual and you realize the value of time. For the world’s successful people, time worth more than money, thus when you understand the worth of your time, you tend to make every second of your life productive enough.

Staying challenged can land so many opportunities on your door. When you get a chance just grab it because you never know how great something could turn out to be. It is obvious when you take the opportunity you get a new challenge but that is far better than regretting not taking a chance.

You fail, fail, and rise. That’s what happens when you stay challenged. The undue fear of failure doesn’t let people take the first step, but once you are determined to stay challenged you don’t fear the dilemma of failure and plunge into the situation to face the big demons on your way to success.


At the end what staying challenged can give you is a successful life to cheer the blessings you have earned for yourself through years of struggle and tons of failed tries.

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