Societal Pressure We Face

Darryl Bachmeier
Aug 2, 2019

We are human beings. We are social beings. We cannot live without society. In society, we help each other and try to make a good living for ourselves. Most of us focus on minding our own business. But sometimes elderly people, mostly relatives, always put their nose in our lives. They want us to do certain things in our lives. Not only elderly people but also our parents, boss, friends, and almost everyone in society expects something from us. But expectations are not the problem. It is natural to have some expectations for someone. This becomes a problem when they pressure us to achieve their expectations.

We all have our own set of societal pressures. It differs from person to person. But some of the pressures are common and universal. Here is a list of some of the common societal pressures we face.

Be successful

It is natural to expect someone to be successful, and we also want to be successful. But sometimes, even after we are satisfied with our success, some people will come and say that we should have done that to be successful. For example, if one person becomes a successful businessman, his/ her relatives will say that he should have been an engineer or a doctor to be successful.

The case is more illogical in the women’s case. If a woman becomes a successful businesswoman, doctor, or engineer, her parents and relatives will say that she should get married to an established person to be successful. Sometimes they are being pressured to get married against their own will.

Get an academic degree

It is a common societal pressure around the world and in the eyes of some people, getting a degree is a prerequisite for being successful. But if you look around, you will see countless successful people without any academic degree. Famous actor Keanu Reeves, Youtuber Markiplier, and many more big entrepreneurs have no academic degree, and yet they are considered a role model for youth. So we can conclude that the pressure of getting a degree is actually a societal pressure.

Career paths

It is a very common societal pressure we face. In childhood, we are forced by our parents to study to become a doctor or engineer. But later, we end up on a different career path. That’s why people should not be pressured to choose their career paths. It’s best for all of us.

Get yourself fit in

Fitting in is a professional virtue. It will get you further ahead in your career. But it has its limits. If you have to give up your own personal value and individuality, then it’s definitely not worth it. And it is the case in our society. Some certain people in our life want us to fit in with them the way they want. They want to follow their every step, completely ditching their own values and thoughts.

These are some of the common societal pressures we face since our young ages. For so much external influence in our lives, it is quite difficult to tell if we are living our own lives or someone else. If you are facing such pressures for the first time, then no need to worry. We all face our own set of societal pressures. It has become a part of our social life. The smart thing to do is learn how to ignore them.

So here are some steps with short briefings on how to avoid societal pressures and live your own life.

Avoid the ‘should’ from others

It doesn’t matter how successful, satisfied you are, and what you want to do, there will always be some irrelevant people in our lives that will tell us that we should have done this instead of that, we should have settled for this that rushing for that. These are the negative people in our lives who always try to change our direction into a different path that we don’t want. So always try to avoid them and their soul. Live up to your own thoughts and move on.

Find your own reasons for doing things

People will always try to make us do things that they want. Always ignore those and find your own reasons for doing things. For example, people will try to force you to get married. Ask yourself why you should get married and listen to your own reasons rather than theirs and take your decision.

Emphasize your values

Whether you are doing personal work or professional work, always emphasize your own values to shake off all other influences of external forces. Having a blind eye to societal pressures is the best way to ignore them.

Observe how your body and emotions are responding

Because of so many external factors of pressure, it is quite difficult to understand whether you are living your own life or someone else’s. No need to worry. In fact, there is an easy way to figure that out. When doing a certain task, try to feel the reaction of your body and mind. Any physical stress, uncomfortable feeling, mental pressure. These are the signs to look out for. If visible, then you might actually be living someone else’s expectations rather than your own. But don’t directly jump to that conclusion. First, see a doctor make sure you have no physical problems. Then do this small test to figure out if you are tangled in the trap of societal pressure.

Final words

In conclusion, we all have our share of societal pressures. No one can be free of it. The best thing you do is learn how to ignore them.

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