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5 Simple Tips to Help You Be A Role Model to Your Kids

Darryl Bachmeier May 9, 2019 Social

Picture this. You are coming home after a long day at work. You are so tired that putting one foot in front of the other is almost torture. But the moment you hit the driveway, three little humans jump out of the house, chirping like little birds, running towards you. One grabs your leg, the other one clings onto your other leg, and the youngest jumps on your stomach and tightly wraps her cute little hands around your neck. The four of you embrace in a warm, tight group hug. And for a moment, they don’t care what you brought home for them. The children are just happy that mommy/ daddy is home. And you are so excited that the people you work so hard for are jubilant to see you. Saying that you love your kids is an understatement. You love them so much that you protect them with...

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