Social Media changes the way consumers interact with organizations

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 16, 2019

Social media has changed the way people review and recommend products and organizations. It has changed the way we interact with organizations. How we get help and report issues. If used right social media can boost an organization’s reputation.

An organization can post news and initiatives that promote a good image. It can increase the transparency of organization. Since social media is incredibly fast organizations also have less control of what gets out there. Organizations may have policies that do not allow employees to post to social media however employees can post about their organization using anonymous accounts to get the word out. Organization information can be leaked and once it is out there it is there to stay, be coped, forwarded and re-tweeted. Rumors spread. Consumers can backlash.

Consumers use social media to talk about the brands they use, like or dislike. They rant. They blame. It is important for an organization to stay on top of their internet presence. An organization must act quickly to resolve complaints.

There are some organizations that do away with most traditional customer service avenues and use sites like twitter for resolving issues. This gives the organization lots of transparency. Instead of calling or emailing support lines individuals are using social media to contact the organization. I have seen many examples where individuals have also discussed their problem and their resolution through social media, stories of terrible customer support but also stories where once the consumer posted their issue an organization representative quickly resolved their issue through social media.

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