Share your gifts with the world

Darryl Bachmeier
Aug 27, 2019

How often do we think about others around us? When did you last do something for the world you live in? We, as a human are so busy in our lives that we often forget being surrounded by people, whom we depend for our living.

Human is a social animal who lives in groups. Every individual is unique. Some are blessed with the ultimate power of speech while others have the urge to convince others. Some are good in managing stressful situation whereas others know how to motivate. In a nutshell, all these are gifts which one gives to others by helping others.

Gifts are gesture of care

Gifts are habits, gestures, feeling or emotions which can be shared with others without expecting to get anything in return. Unlike material gifts, these gifts are long-lasting and stay forever. These days, the biggest gift you can give someone is your “Time”.

You come across a friend, who has just a lost a job. She is looking for a shoulder to cry on, and requires a vent. Frustration and anxiety is all she has. Suddenly, you plan to drop by. The moment you meet her, she burst into tears and utter whatever comes in her mind. You stay quiet and listen to her. After sometimes she feels better and relaxed. You might not realize but by just being listening ear, you have helped a shallow heart, your time has healed someone from inside. In other words, this is an intangible gift you have given to your friend when she needed you the most at that very moment.

Learn to Motivate others

In professional lives, we come across a lot of situation which sometimes motivates or demotivates us. The ultimate idea in such a situation is group discussion. When all sit together, everyone comes with their gifts in the form of inspiration, motivation, creativity, passion and encouragement. The world needs such gifts so people learn from the experiences of one another.

Bring Creativity in your lives

Creativity is a unique feature and not everyone is creative. If you think, you are creative then bring this creativity into practice. If you are good at writing, then put your thoughts into words and share with the world. Let people see and learn from your experience and capabilities. In the same manner, if you think you can be a good painter then start painting and let people use their abilities to explore your thinking. Creativity is something which should never be stopped, rather it should be shared with others. No gift is bigger than the gift of sharing.

People use different mediums to share their gifts. One such mean is via the internet. There are a lot of sites, blogs and pages, where people share different writing pieces. painting and experiences for others to see and interpret.

Learning from Personal Experiences

Life is a continuous lesson. We all have experiences ups and downs. We can gift others our personal experiences so people get a chance to learn. I often guide, assist people within my social circle whenever I see someone striving hard for achieving the goal. struggling to get a good job, having difficulty in managing work, having a hard time in a relationship. I sit with them, listen to their side of the story and then share my personal experience with them. I remember motivating a colleague when she was faced with a tough time with her better half. I remember consoling her, asking her to take some time. All she wanted was a vent out from her thoughts, which I provided. Soon she managed and settled all her differences with her husband.

Opening Doors for Others

Once you open a door for others, you find a lot of doors opened for yourself as well. Nature provides us with a lot of chances and opportunities to share talent, skills, and ideas with others. Sometimes we avail those chances while sometimes we are even scared and uncertainty holds us back. Sharing a gift in an inbuilt capability. Not everyone has it. It is also true that not all are willing to share what they learn in their lives. It is natural that some people re quiet by nature, others miser.

Know Thyself

If you want to share your innate gift with others and are naive, then you can learn how to go about it. First, ask yourself some questions to know your skillset, like:

  • What is your passion?
  • What are you inclined to?
  • What is your expertise when dealing with people?
  • Do you think you have problem-solving capabilities?
  • Do you think you can inspire others?

There are many ways and numerous gifts which we can offer others. It is indeed one of the best things in the world to help others, motivate and become a reason for bringing a smile to someone’s life. In this busy life, whereas everyone is running after materialistic things, natural ability to help others is probably the only thing we can offer others.

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