Self-Talk - How It Affects Your life - 3 Ways to Keep it Positive

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 19, 2020

It is not weird for most of us to keep ongoing dialogues within our heads. These dialogues could be range from giving instructions to ourselves, observations about what has been going on around us, or it just could be what is usually referred to as self-talk. Self-talk is your inner voice, the internal narrative that happens inside your head, which you may have spent much time thinking about it. Interestingly enough, our self-talk can actually have a significant impact on the way we see ourselves and the world around us more than we realize. Let us find out how!

The Importance of Positive Self-Talk

Self-talk is your internal dialogue that affected by your subconscious mind. This internal dialogue interacts with your thoughts, beliefs, and ideas, which can be both positive and negative.

However, most of your self-talk relies on your character, sometimes it could be encouraging, and other times may be distressing. If you feel positive, your self-talk will be full of hope. On the contrary, if you feel pessimistic your self-talk tends to be negative.

However, it should be noted that positive self-talk can be effective stress management tools. It can help you be a more positive person, improves your health and gives you a better life, as one 2010 study shows optimists have a better quality of life.

Moreover, having a more positive outlook about life would grant you some health benefits. If you think that your self-talk is negative, you might have to turn inner dialogue into a positive one.

Avoid Negative Self-Talk

Whether you tell yourself, “I’ll never get promoted,” or you usually think, “People think I’m weird,” this negative talk influences your feelings and behaviors. Indeed, the things you believe in deep down inside and telling it to yourself often turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

To clear this up, imagine someone who believes that he is socially awkward, to cope with his awkwardness, he avoids striking up conversations with people and limits his interactions. As a result, people start to think he is socially awkward, so his belief about himself is confirmed.

Over the years, psychologists confirm that developing a more productive inner dialogue helps individuals build the mental muscle they need to create positive change. Whether you talk to yourself negatively or you willing to be more positive self-talk, here are the most effective ways to do.

Three Ways to Talk More Positively to Yourself

When keeping your self-talk into a positive track, you are more likely to feel control over the things that happen in your life and achieve your goals.

While it could be hard at the beginning like sports training, you will get better by the time, as the more you work on improving your self-talk, the easier you will find it. Here are the most effective tips that help to change the direction of your self-talk:

Become Aware Of The Negative Talk

Listen to what you are telling yourself; notice what your inner voice is declaring. Is your self-talk negative or positive? The first step is too aware of the thoughts that you keep having. When you are more mindful of your negative thinking, with understanding what triggers your pessimistic thoughts, fixing these problems will be much easier.

Replace Negative Thoughts With Positive Affirmations

Rather than harping on bad thoughts, replace them with positive affirmations, which are positive words you said with confidence and perceived truth. For example, transform the bad ideas about yourself by putting a positive spin on it. Instead of telling yourself; “I will never be able to do this”, say “Is there something I can do to assist me to do this?” Choose your words thoughtfully; this could assist you to construct a positive outlook on yourself and life.

Focus On The Present

When focusing on what is ahead of you, you will have a better chance of not being negative about yourself, as you will not be thinking about past mistakes. Let the past be in the past, accept that you did some mistakes and look forward to a better future instead.

Final Thoughts

In addition to improving your outlook on life, positive self-talk has lasting health benefits, including improved well-being and a better quality of life.

Nevertheless, self-talk is a habit made over lifelong. In case you tend to have negative self-talk, you can change it. Keep in mind that it takes time and practice to do. However, you can always develop uplifting positive self-talk.

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