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  • In order for the business to continue growing, every entrepreneur will, at any given moment, face the need to increase their sales. For this, he may choose to start a promotions campaign, increase his investments in marketing or take a long term measure as the team sales training.

    Of course, the last alternative is the one that will bring more results to the venture, since it will specialize the employees in order to make them more secure, assertive and efficient in the sales process. However, in order for training to have the desired effect, you must know how to do it the right way.

    Here are 4 secrets to making sales training really work for your business!



    Before starting the course, it is essential to make a diagnosis of the present performance of the sales area, and this includes an evaluation of the people, the sales process and the main outcome indicators.

    In addition to being an interesting way of building a knowledge base on the particularities of your business, this mapping will determine what the strengths and weaknesses of the team are, showing what should be reinforced by the course, and what aspects can be covered more superficially by already known to the sales team .

    This way you avoid wasting time on unnecessary issues, and you can focus on more relevant issues within your particular team.

  • Every sales team needs to have clear and well-defined sales targets because even those who do not know where they want to go usually do not get anywhere. Targets are essential for achieving good results and, consequently, determining the success of sales.

    Setting goals for sales teams is a strategy that helps a lot in targeting actions, maintaining focus and motivation.

    Therefore, sales managers need to adopt some criteria to define the goals of their team and to enhance team performance.

    Do you want to know what criteria these are? So keep reading our article and find out!



    To be realistic and sensible in setting goals, it is crucial that you know the market in which the company is inserted.

    Try to know the growth percentage of the segment, evaluate the current supply and demand conditions, know the competitor and also the behavior of your target audience in relation to products and services.


    Sales targets should be based on analysis and financial projections.

    If the company is not in a comfortable situation, the goals should be directed toward reversing the difficult frameworks.

  • We all need motivation and inspiration to stay on the road to success. In sales, it is no different! Sales professionals, even the most experienced, need to be always motivated to keep their productivity up. Then learn how to motivate a sales team and achieve better results.

    The key to motivating sales professionals is primarily to find the tools they need to make the most of their potential and to create an environment conducive to the group’s professional and personal development and growth.

    In this article, you will know a few secrets to motivate salespeople and increase the productivity of your team. Check out!

    How to Motivate a 4 Step Sales Team


    Make sure that the sales professional wins with the company with each new business that he closes. To do this, set sales- by-production goals and relate commissions to those goals.

    In fact, one of the most effective strategies to motivate sellers is often a financial incentive. If you pay your salesperson a higher commission than your competitor, you still show your employee that, in addition to being important, his work is valued in your organization - a great way to retain talent in your company.


    Show your salesperson that he must have concrete goals and set goals beyond those set by the company.

  • There is no doubt that a good salesperson can make all the difference in closing a deal with the customer, but it is true that without a sales leader to motivate, teach and direct the team to the best results, there would hardly be excellent salespeople. But how do you find people with the right characteristics? Or rather, how to be a good sales leader?

    This is what we are going to show next. Follow us!

    How to be a good sales leader?

    It is necessary that this professional, in addition to sales skills, has:

    • Knowledge about COMPANY PROCESSES
    • AND knowledge about the MARKET

    The assumption for the performance of any seller should be thorough knowledge about the products or services being sold.

    Knowing its technical characteristics , its operation, its implications, its results, its guarantee, technical assistance, what stands out in relation to competitors and what are its greatest qualities are information that every salesperson must have at the tip of the tongue, and, for this, there needs to be a leader behind him to guide him about what he does not know.

    That is, the leader must know more than his sellers about everything that revolves around the sale, in order to complement the data that the seller does not have or knows poorly.

  • No matter what position or level you occupy in a company: every professional need to work productively. So we’ve separated 5 tips for increasing your company’s vendors’ productivity. Be sure to check it out!

    He who does not bother to organize his processes and demands will end up causing great losses for the enterprise where he works, as well as for himself.

    And in the case of a sales professional, the clutter may be enough to make you lose chances of closing deals and winning new customers. Therefore, it is essential to find the best way to organize day-to-day processes in order to achieve an increase in productivity.

    When the salesperson makes certain changes in the way he works, he gets a much more efficient routine and, as a consequence, more time to devote to each task.

    4 Tips for Increasing Sales Productivity


    Taking control of your demands is one of the most important points for the daily organization of a sales professional. To do this, you must be able to handle your agenda and your commitments.

    The timing should work in favor of your productivity, not the other way round: The longer the vendor loses reorganizing commitments, the worse your productivity can be considered.

  • The closing of sales is the moment in which the prospect becomes your client. In this phase of the sales process, you help him to make the purchase decision, once you have presented your product or service and have cleared all your objections. Unfortunately, many sales do not materialize because they do not know how to close a sale.

    Seven sales closing techniques

    1. Presumptive closure

    To apply this sales closing technique you need to go “taking the temperature” throughout the process since it is about taking for granted that the prospect will make the purchase. When you detect that the person is ready to close the deal, you can ask their address to send the product, for example. So you decide on its place, and you relieve the burden that it represents.

    2. Close by mistake

    In this case, you also assume that the customer has already accepted your offer and intentionally plays with the mistake. You can ask what color you want the product or what finish you prefer. If the game follows you, it means that you have accepted the purchase. With this closing sales technique, you are psychologically pushing the prospect in one direction, so it will be more difficult for you to retrace your steps to reject the purchase.

  • Cold calling can be stressful and you can receive lots of rejection. It can feel defeating and unproductive. With enough practice, it can be an effective marketing strategy. Many sales people fear cold calling this can only mean that if you do it and well you can reap greater rewards. A phone call is a much richer medium than an email or mail that is easy to delete or toss in the trash. Most people are too polite to just hang up and if you use the right words, you just might get their attention.


    Prepare a script of what you will say. How will you convince them to buy? Think of any possible responses that a prospect may have so you have a reply. Make sure you have a goal in mind. Have a good strong hook to your opening statement. Know your script so well so it sounds natural.

    Do Research

    Do not be random about whom to call. Develop a targeted list of prospects. Know who makes the decisions. Know when to call, the time of day or if it is seasonal the time of year. Do internet research including social media. Learn as much about prospects. Speak their language of the industry. Personalize the call know their business and industry and why they may need your product or service. Spending the time upfront researching and targeting ideal prospects leads to greater success and less frustration.

  • Good customer service makes the difference between growing your customer base or not. You cannot afford to lose customers from a bad experience. What can you do to ensure excellent customer service?

    Know your customers

    Develop a strong relationship with customers. Ask for feedback and show you are listening. Keep an open dialogue.

    Plan for trouble

    Make sure you have standard for what steps your employees need to take if something goes wrong for a customer. Do you have a customer service policy?

    Be genuine

    If a customer is having an issue try your best to be understanding, treat them like family or better.

    Use the right tools

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools keeps track of all interactions with your customers. This helps to resolve issues faster for customers and keep notes on a customer’s file.

    Audit your customer Service

    You need to benchmark where you are now. How does your staff interact with customers? Have a friend test them out. What are online reviews saying about your service?

    Offer multiple communication methods

    Some customers will remain silent and will not let you know if there is an issue in person. Social media allow others to reach you.

    Resolve issues quickly

    Don’t ignore them. Don’t delay, the faster you react the better they will feel.

  • Retail is advancing at the pace of technological evolution and is now looking towards a growing trend. Discover here how Artificial Intelligence is helping retailers.

    When the e-commerce took off in the way it did, all those responsible for the retail predicted the end of physical purchases as we knew them. The novelty and glamor associated with physical purchases were replaced by the endless conveniences and corridors that retail e-commerce brought.

    From these important changes in the sector, the laggards are learning very quickly. In fact, if you see the employees of a modern store, you will start to see more analysts, data scientists and digital innovation roles, unlike the old shop assistant/associate scheme.

    This is truly the period in which the owners of physical stores must take measures, and for that they are going thoroughly, adopting modern technologies to counterattack their new e-commerce rivals. This is where Artificial Intelligence plays a fundamental role in the work of retailers. The reasons are as follows: