Sadness, between Being Affected and Healed

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 20, 2020

Sad, depressed and worried young woman in window. Raining outside.

Doubtlessly, no one’s life is free from sorrow, grief, despair or even helplessness. There are moments in life that seem short and silly but are hard to forget for they can be the cause of depression for the rest of your life. Sadness is an inner feeling or an emotional pain that is characterized by feelings of disadvantage, anger, and disappointment.

This blog is not written to underestimate your hard times but to show that if you submit to this pain, then say goodbye to your dream-achieving endeavors.

What are the Factors of Sadness?

You have to bear in mind that not everyone is affected by the same factor of this fatal feeling, but they might have the same appearance as a sad person.


Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension that results from various situations in your life. In these situations where you feel under pressure, such as having a new job or the loss of a beloved one, it is more likely for you to feel sad if you lack the ability to deal with stress and hard times. If you have trouble coping with stress, which is not an abnormal idea, it will wear you down and overwhelm you. What is important to mention here is that by not dealing with stress, your relationships will suffer, your productivity will decrease, and overall sadness will be your umbrella.

Frustrating People

We all know that the people you befriend have a great effect on your personality. For instance, people have a vital role in changing your mood or your opinions concerning your own prospects, right. Some people complain all the time and think that they are the only ones to suffer in life. They will make you feel pessimistic and depressed by introducing their black ideas for you. In this case, you will stop finding solutions for your problems and then fall in sadness and despair. Therefore, knowing what kind of person one is is important for your state of feelings.


It is true that there are many times where you have nothing to do or not interested in the surroundings, thus, you end up being bored. Although boredom is not another name for depression, it is the state where you find yourself unpleasant and lack stimulation that leads to your sadness and then damages your health. What I want to deliver is that lethargy and sadness is the normal response to boredom.

Not Exercising or Sleeping Enough

The inner feelings are affected by your physical health. Scientists say that not exercising or sleeping enough will result in dystonia, anorexia, depression, and grief. We have much free time and the best thing we have to do is seizing it to increase self-confidence and end negative thinking that causes sadness.

Hormonal changes

Hormone production changes from one time to another according to the phases of life that you encounter. Different disorders such as thyroid problems or childbirth and menopause could cause depression and sadness. When hormone levels are malfunctioning or control, however, you may experience symptoms that are associated with psychiatric illnesses, such as sadness and mood swings.

How to Overcome the Feeling of Sadness?


Sometimes crying does not refer to that bad idea, as it is necessary in some cases. When people are sad, they cry, right? That is because they want to calm themselves and regulate their emotions by reducing their distress.

Talk to Someone you Trust

As we said earlier, choose the right people to surround you and once you feel sad, talk to them. Talk only to those who can listen and comfort you or even try to fix you.

Go outside

If you are sad, the world is still going on, as everything is fine. Go outside to smell nature and to prove that everything is going to be okay as if nothing happened.

Walk, Run, and Sleep Enough

Never abandon your daily exercises in order to have the ability to prevent sadness. Sleep well because the physical one affects your psychological health.

Focus on the Good and Give Yourself Enough Time

You have so many good things in your life. Try to appreciate them so that the feeling of sadness will disappear and your happiness will grow larger. Besides, try to have a good opportunity to overcome sadness and heal yourself according to your own schedule, not one else’s.

In conclusion, we have shown some factors that cause sadness and how to overcome them. You have to know that when you feel sad, it means that it is time for you to comfort and reconsider everything surrounding you so that you feel better again. Try to feel okay because nothing is more important than you and your health.

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