Providing Value to Others

Darryl Bachmeier
Jul 12, 2020

You must have heard of the phrase “DO GOOD, HAVE GOOD”

What does it mean?

It is empirical that whatever you do, will come back to you, similarly whatever you add-on to others’ life it will reflect on your life as well.

This is a matter of giving value to others and being valued yourself in return. So how much output you gain from your surroundings is all dependent on how much input you give-in in the first place.

Here we will talk about What is the value, how you provide it to people, and what are your intentions about the value you are providing.

Value can be physical or abstract, it is the feeling of the importance of something in someone’s life. In terms of physical worth, we consider the material objects that a person values like money, property, job, quality of life, etc. But when we talk about the abstract values in life they are more likely emotional attachments between peers and family. The affection someone feels for another person, or the comfort you can provide to your friends by just lending them moral support in situations of need. It could be anything from a piece of advice to an hour of listening to their rumbled up present.

There are people for whom the physical value you provide to them will matter more than the emotional ones, and the scenario could be the opposite as well. So it’s your job to identify who needs the value and in what form do they need the value that you can provide.

For providing value to others you need to focus on the following components.

Need for value: Before doing anything you have to evaluate the circumstances if the value you are providing is in demand or not. If you are creating something for the betterment of this world, but people don’t need the product, it will be a waste of time and energy. A value without a need is of no use.

Target population: It answers the question, “who to provide value?”. You need to identify the people that could benefit from your invention. Before proceeding further, once you identified the need for value, the second most important aspect to consider is your target population. They are the individuals who require the product you are providing and who will grab the idea without even thinking of it.

Plan of action: It answers the question “how to provide value?”. Now you are familiar with what is needed and who needs it the most, next is you build the product and it is the time for its execution. You must have a plan in hand which is easy to come along with and that could make it worth reaching the appropriate location.

Outcome: “What is the effect of the value you provided to others”. This is the most important question and its answer depends on the type of value you have provided to someone. Let say if you provided an abstract value in the form of advice, or let it be a career counseling class to a group of novice individuals, what worth does it bring to the life of the recipients. Maybe the people you provided advice grab the idea and make their dreams a reality because you showed them the path that leads them to success, So in this way, you played the leader’s role in their life. Let’s take another example if you are the owner of a company you get the right person a job and make him earn for his/her family. That’s also a form of material value that you provided from which the person can benefit.

Giving value to self

You need to find your worth before you decide to give value to others’ life. When you identify your goal and work hard to achieve it you value yourself, which makes you worthy of providing value to others. And when you give value to others in return you increase your worth. So this cycle continues. Being successful is a matter of how much value you provide to others and how much your life plays the role to influence others’ success story.

Rule of thumb

As a conclusion, it is not wrong to say that a person should first know their importance, then do good with others to have good in return. This is a universal truth and the doing of KARMA.

Life is a Boomerang, it may take time to return, but it is promised to come back when the circuit is complete. This is the reason a wise man will think before taking a step whereas an idle one will mess up the natural flow of events then regret over his wrongdoings when the Boomerang returns to strike over his head.

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