Project Management and corporate social networks

Darryl Bachmeier
Apr 26, 2019

In Project Management, communication management is one of the critical factors of any project.

According to the PMBOK® guide, communication management includes all the processes necessary to ensure the generation, collection, distribution, storage and last disposal of project information, in the appropriate form and time.

In short, the person in charge of the project has to ensure that all the interlocutors of his project or stakeholders own or have access, at the right time, to all the required information using the most appropriate and effective means.

This is extremely relevant because poor management of communication and information in any project can increase the time that must be spent to communicate, distribute, share and access information, and may even produce the total failure of the project.

In order for the person responsible for the project to have the necessary information at all times, he or she must interact with the members of the work team, clients, suppliers, and other interested parties. The closer the project manager is to all stakeholders, the better the information obtained and the better the degree of communication. The person in charge of the project must have a marked social facet with all those Stakeholders of the project. This social facet is not only face-to-face; but it is also necessary to master all kinds of tools that facilitate communication with multidisciplinary teams as multi-localized.

It is becoming increasingly necessary to use a corporate social network as a tool that facilitates communications with all those interested in the project who can not have face-to-face direct communication; generally, these are delocalized members of the team that will have to interact with others through teleworking.

Corporate social networks in Project Management

Corporate social networks can provide benefits when it comes to facilitating communication in projects.

It facilitates access to the team’s experience. All the experience accumulated in the current project and the previous ones can be shared instantaneously. All that knowledge can be used to solve different situations that arise in the day to day of a project.

A corporate social network can be a very dynamic way for the formation of the members of the work team, the resolution of doubts or problems.

Database of the project. A corporate social network can be the main point of access to shared resources available to all interested parties and offers the possibility of updating project progress instantly.

Reduce meetings. The excess of meetings is a widespread evil in companies. Through a corporate social network, you can accurately communicate both the topics to be discussed in each meeting and the necessary previous activities that each participant must perform, in order to minimize the times of each meeting and make them highly productive.

Enhance communication management in offshoring environments. When the members of the work team are present in different locations of the company, the client or different geographical areas, a corporate social network can facilitate the task of sharing all the relevant information with the other members of the team, reducing or even eliminating, the problems derived from not being located in the same location and in different time zones.

Extended access 24 x 7. A corporate social network is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so it provides a service without interruptions without depending on different schedules, different locations or different work schedules. We can have a communication tool at any time, recording all the incidents and the progress made in the project, with the possibility of being consulted at all times by all project stakeholders.

A corporate social network can generate an ideal working environment where the different stakeholders of the project can interact depending on the role assigned to them, regardless of their physical and temporal location.

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