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Don’t Waste Time Tips - Have a Happier Life

Darryl Bachmeier May 19, 2019 Productivity

One day has 24 hours or 1440 minutes. We all get the same time to use on the things we must and on the things we like. The situation is the same regardless of the fact are you a businessman or a college student. The goal here is to use all that time (every single day) properly and don’t waste it. Here are a few tips that will make this possible and therefore have a positive effect on your life. You will be a happier person and your productivity will be improved. Do not spend hours on your smartphone Over 4.66 billion people are active internet users. This is 59% of the world population. Yes, you are one of them. Using the web for shopping, reading and similar things is perfectly fine. But, spending 10 hours per day playing games or surfing social media is the recipe to waste the...

Single-tasking and the Myth of Multitasking Productivity

Darryl Bachmeier Apr 24, 2019 Productivity

If your work routine involves endless to-do lists, if during your day you jump from branch to branch trying to do a little of each thing to meet all your demands, if you have the feeling that everything important was to yesterday, then maybe it’s time to stop to gauge how you’re working. The attempt to do several things at the same time (“multitasking” in the English term, which does not have a version like this in Portuguese) is very seductive. The notion that we will be able to do more during the day is extremely seductive, and we will do anything to make us believe we will gain a little bit more from this scarce commodity. However, today it is known that the idea that you can do several things at once is a myth. The doctor in psychology Jim Taylor (a doctor himself, those with Ph.D. in the...

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