Practices That Can Help You Deal With Impermanence

Darryl Bachmeier
May 7, 2019

Life is a sequence of spontaneous and natural changes.

Do not repel them. It’ll only make you sorrowful. Allow reality to be a reality. Let life happen. Let things take their natural course and move whichever way they wish.

My heart sinks every time I hear somebody say, “I’m looking for a permanent job”.

The truth of the matter is that there’s nothing such as a permanent job. Nothing in this life is immortal. Everything has its expiry date.

Even your favorite food on the supermarket shelves has an expiry date, after which you can’t use it.
Not relationships, not friendships, not status, not even our lives. One day we’ll all take our last breath and exit the scene. Sad.

Why are you consumed with permanence when not a single thing in the world will last forever? There are no guarantees in life. Only impermanence.

Impermanence Examples


We’re growing older every day, and we’ll reach a point where we’ll struggle to do the small things that we are taking for granted now.

  • We lose our loved ones- a spouse, a sibling, parents, or even your dear child.
  • You can lose your well-paying job and start struggling to get by.
  • You can have an accident and become wheelchair bound for the rest of your life.
  • You can lose all the wealth you have amassed over the years in a flash of a second.

These things happen to you without warning and when you least contemplate them. Do you know you can even die on your birthday? We have to learn how to deal with whatever blows life throws our way.

But hey, how do you deal with the impermanence in our daily lives? Here’s how.

Do not get attached too much to anything

Some people try so much to hold on to life because the thought of dying sends cold chills down their spine. But living isn’t holding on to things.

It is not about grasping onto everyone and everything. It’s all about knowing how to let go. If you want to be happy in life, learn how to let go.

It’s simple to get attached to everything you have and everything you love doing.

You can get attached to your family, how you do your things, or the places you frequent for entertainment. Maybe you love your car more than any other property you have.

Maybe you love your pet animal like crazy.

Sadly, no matter what you are so attached to, you are setting yourself up for sorrow and suffering.

But why?

Because you can lose it any day, any time without warning, and crush your heart into a million pieces.

Love everything but never get too much attached to anything.

It’s hard not to get attached to your children or other family members. Maybe your love for them is endless, but one day they’ll leave you, or you’ll leave them.

And none of you can do anything about it. That’s the way it is. So, love them, be there for each other, and always be ready for the time when your paths in life will go separate ways.

Try to strike a balance in everything you do.

Do Something That Will Outlive You

We were born with an innate desire to live forever. That’s why some of us have kids. Because we want them to pass on our bloodline to the next generation, unfortunately, every living thing will die one day.

The best way to live forever is to do something that will live long after you are dead. Help someone whenever you can. Share what you have with the less fortunate. When you dig someone out a hole, it becomes a grave where you bury your worries away.

Know that whatever you do in life, you are planting a seed, and in the fullness of time, that seed will bear fruit. So, plant a good seed, and many generations after, you will enjoy good fruits.

Plant a tree even if you’ll never busk under its shade. You never know who will.

Pursue the Things That Matter Most in Life

What matters to you most? To know what matters, you must ask yourself why you are here on earth. What’s your purpose in life? What are you here for?

To understand your purpose in life, ask yourself what makes you tick? What drives you? Then pursue it. If you don’t know why you were born, life can be meaningless to you.

The things that matter most in life are;

Your health

You do not know what you have until you lose it, and you only miss the sun when it snows. Never take your health for granted.

  • Eat a balanced diet.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Watch your weight.
  • Reduce your sugar intake.
  • Eat plenty of fruits of all colors.
  • Take at least eight glasses of water.

Your health is your greatest wealth. So guard it with all your strength.


Cultivate good relationships with other people. You need someone to be there for you in your time of need. Do not go throwing your weight around other people.

Watch how you speak to people. Be polite. Be tolerant. People do not go around wearing labels that describe what they’re going through, so they don’t know what they’re battling. Be kind. You could be the only one that does it.


Be time conscious. Do not sit idle for hours on end. You are here for just a short time, so make every second count. It’s ok to rest from time to time, but when you are not resting, spend your time doing something meaningful.

Wrapping Up

Impermanence in life means that we are going to lose some things on this journey. And when we lose something, grief sets in.

The pain of losing something can be overwhelming. You feel guilt, profound sadness, anger, shock, and disbelief. Know that this too will pass. Though things will never be the same after a loss, move on the best way you know-how.

Build bridges instead of walls. Pursue the most important things in life. Take care of your family the best way you know how to. Help wherever you can. Last but not least, share your wealth with others. After all, you are here for just a short time, and you’ll take nothing with you.

Cement your place in a person’s heart, and deal with impermanence for good.

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