Personal Rules You Need To Follow

Darryl Bachmeier
Jul 18, 2019

First of all, what are personal rules? These are vows, plans, steps, or simply rules we set in order to improve the life quality. They may seem like an irrelevant thing, but they actually have a huge, positive impact on our life. All successful people have them, so you can understand the importance. The key element here is to find a challenge or issue in your life and create a rule that will solve it. We will help you by listing the most common and the most important personal rules most people need to follow. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Exercise every single week

Exercising is the most important personal rule you can follow in your life. No, you don’t need to go to a gym and exercise every single day. A person needs 3 hours of exercise per week. This is the bare minimum, but still effective. Thanks to exercise, you can expect a better mood, more energy, better mental and physical health, among many other benefits. Ideally, you will walk, jog, do push-ups, and simple exercise but as often as you can.

Read or learn a new thing constantly

If a person learns a new thing each week that will help him with productivity, he will transform his life almost completely each year. Better said, a person can enhance life every year. You need to read books, use the web, or simply use another medium that will help you learn new things. These can be tips, detailed guides, or anything similar. Nevertheless, reading books is still the best and most effective method. A CEO of a large company will read one book per week, despite countless tasks and massive responsibilities. You can do it as well.

Your actions define your situation

Never forget that everything that happens to you is a product of your actions. If you have issues in marriage, don’t forget that you choose your spouse. The point here is not to blame others. You won’t be able to change if you do and you will always find a ‘’bad guy’’ in your life. The goal is to take responsibility and use your mistakes to shape life as you want it. By using this rule, a person can make a better decision which will make his life better.

Always react calmly and with love

Perhaps this sounds or looks like a mistake or impossible task. For others, it will look like something that will help others instead of you. In reality, this is a personal rule that has a positive effect on you only. When we react angrily and without understanding, we will be under stress, we will be frustrated and we will need time to get back to a normal state. All of these can be avoided if you only react peacefully and try to understand others. If someone reacts opposite than you would, there is probably a hidden reason for that. Not everything is black and white.

Focus on present only

Most of us focus on the past, present, and future. The issue here is that we usually focus the least on the present. Instead, we think about what happened to us and what will happen to us in the future. Make sure that one of your personal rules is to focus on the present. Past is long gone and it cannot hunt you. Future is something you cannot plan completely and it will likely be different than you want. Live the moment and enjoy it as much as you can. You will see that you can complete more things in less time and feel better for doing the same.

Don’t live in your comfort zone all the time

Yes, you will have to get outside your home or your entire comfort zone and try new things. These are all new opportunities. More opportunities mean more options, more ideas, and personal growth. If you spend all the time in your comfort zone, you don’t have any opportunities and your ideas will vanish. Being outside a comfort zone can prepare you for new things, give you new skills and make you a more capable person in general. Maybe you will need some time to get used to discomfort, but it is definitely a worthy personal rule to keep in mind.

Never invest emotions and energy into things you cannot control

We can control a lot of things in our life, but not all. We cannot control our boss, traffic, or how the world works. Then, why you should invest your emotions and your energy into these things? It is a pure loss and something that can cause countless, additional issues. Invest your energy and your emotions into things you control and you will see why this rule is so important.


Personal rules are easy to use, they have a huge effect on your life quality and they are something that will help you grow as long as you use them. These can help you solve or avoid problems as well. Try using all 7 rules for at least 7 days and you will see the difference. When you should start? The answer is right now.

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