Omni-channel retail 5 benefits of implementing it

Darryl Bachmeier
Feb 4, 2020

The benefits of implementing omnichannel retail, which many believe will be the next great trade revolution, make this a strategy that must be taken into account by all retailers.

What is the omnichannel retail? It is the sales strategy that integrates all existing channels in the market (physical stores, online stores, applications for mobile devices, contact center and those that will arise in the future). The client that initiates communication through an interaction channel can continue it and end it with another one.

It is an ideal strategy for these times when the barriers between physical and digital commerce are tending to disappear. It is not uncommon for new stores and platforms to emerging that allow the purchase process to start online, to withdraw the product and make the final decision in the store.

5 benefits of implementing omnichannel retail

The equipment for home and clothing are, worldwide, the most advanced industries in terms of omnichannel retail. But the benefits they get, call the attention of all the rest of the market that does not want to be left behind in innovation to attract and retain new customers.

1) Increase the conversion rate

According to a study by IDC Retail Insights, the conversion rate of an omnichannel visitor is 20 percent higher than that of a single channel. Also, according to the study of this same consultancy, the client of an omnichannel company spends between 35 and 55 percent more than its counterpart.

2) Omnichannel offers immediacy for both the customer and the store

Both the customer and the retailer benefit from the immediacy offered by the omnichannel sale. On the one hand, the shopping experience improves considerably and can be contacted through various means with the company and, on the other hand, the company can have feedback instantly.

3) It allows us to know more about the client

70 percent of visitors to a store previously searched the Internet for information about the products. Thanks to everything that is done in the network is registered, the omnichannel retail can provide precisely what you are looking for and make suggestions about it.

4) Leave customers satisfied

A satisfied customer comes back and recommends the brand to others, both personally and on social networks. Omnichannel, by providing a personalized shopping experience that adapts to your needs, very easily achieves this satisfaction, which is a guarantee of success for the retailer.

5) Extends the offer of value to the client

The omnichannel retail allows the growth of the product catalog. These can be in a deposit and be transported to the store once the online purchase has occurred. They can even be ordered from manufacturers only in case of purchase, thus obtaining a significant reduction in expenses.

The trend: incorporate technologies to meet each client

Currently, the retailers that grow the most are those that incorporate new technologies to know their customers better and thus provide them with an outstanding shopping experience. This trend will increase in the coming years and will mark the rules of the game for those who want to have successful businesses.

Incorporating omnichannel retail can imply significant organizational changes and investment in technology, personnel and training. But it is a worthwhile effort that is already providing benefits for those who dared to take the step. Staying outside is not an option.

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