Noticing Greed in its True Form

Darryl Bachmeier
Jul 6, 2020

A True Explanation of Greed

The dictionary defines greed as “a selfish and excessive desire for more of something (such as money, land, power, etc.) than is required.”

A more profound comprehension of this attribute can help us see that it isn’t just material products that we yearn for, but instead, it is also the security and freedom that money can bring.

Wealth by itself is not something that has a negative connotation attached to it. It is how people run after it that enhances their need for more. After all, financial stability can help us meet our essential requirements and enjoy extravagances that improve life and make it enjoyable.

The Psychological Point of View

From a different perspective, it can be said that greed is something that our heart desires. It is a little love or longing for money or any kind of asset. Greed occupies a person’s mind; it results in the person continually thinking about their desires, such as power. An insatiable individual is excessively attached to his belongings and cash and is continuously looking for ways to gain more of it.

Greed affects a person’s life from a psychological point of view, as well. The nervousness and eagerness that individuals feel when they long for something and the misleading assurance that they may be comforted and fulfilled create an endless loop among individuals after picking up their desired belonging.

While greed is an internal condition, it may be communicated in a significant number of the decisions an individual makes.

Different Examples of a Greedy Person

The following are examples of greedy behaviors. Any act done with the motive of taking from others or enhancing yourself to the detriment of others is an illustration of greed and should be evaded no matter what.

  • An individual that steals office supplies for the sole purpose of wanting everything for themselves. They may steal smaller items such as pens, pencils, or printer ink or larger items such as computers and laptops.
  • A person that steals packages from outside his neighbor’s house because he does not want to buy anything himself.
  • A person who eats all the food set out on the dinner table so that the other people around him get less food.
  • An individual eats all the birthday cake without offering or sharing it with anyone because a single piece is not enough.
  • A worker who tries to gain credit for his employee’s hard work to look good in front of his boss and have a better chance of getting a promotion or raise.
  • A person who invites people to their birthday just for the sake of collecting gifts from everyone with no intention of returning the favor.
  • An individual who benefits from government funds that have been strictly set up for poor people.
  • A politician who rigs elections so that all the votes are counted in his favor just for the sake of winning and gaining more power.

How to Minimise Greed

Chasing their material requirements, they know no restrictions. Greedy individuals are unable to recognize boundaries. They will compromise their virtues and morals to accomplish their objectives. They search for smart approaches to outmaneuver the standards and guidelines that have been established to resolve this sort of conduct. However, with the help of specific tactics, greed amongst people can be diminished.

  • The opposite of greed is generosity. So, the first step at becoming less greedy is to enhance the virtue of charity amongst yourself.
  • It is important to remember all your values and beliefs while communicating with people. This reminds a person that taking advantage of other people’s work or benefitting from someone else is highly frowned upon.
  • Money and wealth can only take you so far in achieving happiness. The greedy person needs to realize that all his wealth will not be taken to his grave and does not hold immense value.
  • Another way to decrease the feeling of greed from yourself is to be grateful for everything you have. The feeling of contentment diminishes the desire for always wanting more.
  • Practicing to regularly donate some money to the poor and giving back to the community can truly help solve greed or help control it.
  • Understand that you are destined to achieve what you deserve. And so, stealing someone else’s thunder to try to impress your boss will not take you very far.

As a society, we need money to live, and have additional cash so that a person does not suffer from stress may be considered a good thing. However, earning more money and making that your objective in life is different compared to being greedy and wanting excessive power all for yourself. It is important to remember that our wants and needs are best suited for modest amounts.

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