Minimizing distractions

Darryl Bachmeier
Jul 6, 2019

Distraction reduces productivity to a critical level. Let say you have important work to complete today and you have the right plan, you have the time to do it, but what’s keeping you from finishing it is that Netflix series or gossip which is probably not important for you.

This is how distraction works, when you have chores to do you will find interest in all the weird things going on in your surroundings that had never allured you before.

Your distraction is an excuse to not start working on time, or in some instances, you may procrastinate thinking that you have a lot of time left to do the job.

If you can relate to the above situations then you need to read the following concept to help you minimize distraction and be more productive.

Aim concept

Whenever working on a project, you are lazy or distracted, you want to do something else instead, just don’t stop working. Remind yourself why you started in the first place, give yourself a reason why is this work important to be done. Think for a while about what it can get you in return if you complete the job on time. Everything small has something big behind it, so bring on that big aim to your mind to stay focused on your goals.

The marathon concept

You must have heard the quote that life is a marathon not a hundred meters race, but in reality, your every day is a marathon. In a hundred meters race your strategy is to use your full energy and move faster to the finishing line as soon as possible, but in a marathon, you use the strategy of starting slowly, so that you can have enough energy left for the end. Similar is the case when I say that your every day is a marathon, the time you wake up, you don’t need to make haste for the finishing line, just start slowly with an easy task and complete the job steadily. When you start slow you reserve your energy and enthusiasm for the end to bring the day’s work to completion.

Reward concept

Humans are greedy beings and rewards make them do things faster. There are things that you need to do early, but due to your procrastination, you are not even interested in starting a job. In this case, you need to assign a reward for yourself at job completion. This reward could be anything small as a cup of coffee or something big like a relaxing holiday.

Split milestones concept

Big things look difficult to achieve, if you are looking at the larger window of your job, you will feel demotivated and inferior. You may think of yourself as a newbie who can not handle such a big load of work. Here you need to split the work into achievable milestones to avoid distraction. Make milestones that are SMART which are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time based. Doing this you will have small tasks to do at a time rather than doing the whole job altogether. These small milestones will eventually lead to a big idea.

Skipping the hard to the end

All’s well that ends well? But wait! We believe “start well to end well”. Yes, that is the key, start your work with the easiest milestone, if you get any trouble in between the task just simply move on to the next chapter and leave the work you find difficult to the end. So here what happens is that the time you reach the end you already have enough of the expertise to solve the hurdle that you faced in the beginning.

Day dreamer’s concept

Daydreaming is a bad habit, but not when you are daydreaming about your work schedule. Daydreaming or better say visualizing your work frame makes it easier for you to act on it. Because you think what you feel and you do what you think. So thinking about work will inhibit your brain from thinking about distractions.

Abstinence concept

What distracts you is your smartphone, social media accounts, or it could be the news. What you need to do is abstain from your gadgets and social media, just switch off your phone while working, turn off that television, delete those apps that made you addicted to scrolling. All this done minimizes the major distractor for you.

Keep the grind

Here is the main deal, do you stop as you find an excuse from work? This could make you lag. Sometimes the distractor is nothing else but an unexpected journey. And by this, you get the excuse that today you won’t work as you are already busy with other things. But listen! Who are you scamming? Yourself. That’s right, if you don’t do the work today, it would be you feeling burdened tomorrow. That’s why, do even 1% of it, but do not go to zero. By this attitude, you are fighting the distraction of other important stuff that is messing up your scheduled job.

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